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Roller Banners / Pull Up Banner Printing

Otherwise known as pop-up banners, pull up banners, stand up banners or roll up banners, roller banner printing is a must-have tool for any business looking to advertise their brand message on the move.

Whether you want to let customers know about your services, highlight a brand new product launch or simply expand your reach at a tradeshow, a printed roller banner is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Custom Printed Roller Banners printed in Staffordshire

Every profitable business knows the importance of standing out, whether it’s getting their name noticed in the first place or bringing attention to new products, services and promotions on offer.

With our range of printed roller banners, you are certain to attract attention with custom eye-catching designs that highlight the professionalism and quality of your business.

As well as being attention-grabbing, pop up banners are incredibly cost-effective and can be used over and over again which is fantastic for saving pennies in a tight marketing budget!

Unlike a leaflet that is beneficial for giving in-depth detail about your business, roller banners will secure you that great first impression. Standing over 2 metres tall, our range of printed stand up banners are guaranteed to seize attention from across the room.

Lightweight and easy to transport, you can take your branded roller banner wherever business takes you whether its to a tradeshow, exhibition, party, conference or even for ease of use around stores and at entrances to your business.

Constructed with an aluminium base and a tall polypropylene backdrop printed with fade resistant inks, our roller banner printing service ensures longevity and durability, so you’ll have no need to replace them in a hurry.

Roller Banner printing options

We offer seven main types of roller banners, each in their own range of sizes. Our range of classic roller banners are constructed with an aluminium base and a polypropylene backdrop perfect for bringing to life your custom artwork. Something for every occasion and venue, our standard roller banners are available in five sizes: 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

We also offer mesh banners engineered from 260gsm mesh PVC for ultimate wind resistance and visual transparency. Our printed mesh banners are available in 2m by 1m or 3m by 1m sizes.

How do you assemble Roller Banners?

Assembling our range of printed roller banners couldn’t be easier! First, remove your banner from the case and then extend the pole to full length. With the banner graphic facing away from you, pull it to chest height and secure the pole connector to the bar at the top of the retractable banner. Using the pole, you can finish extending the banner to your chosen height before securing the other end of the pole into the base of the metal case.

Disassembling your printed roller banner is just as effortless. Simply hold the top of the banner with one hand and keep a foot on the base to keep it stable. Then remove the bottom end of the pole and gently let the banner retract into its case. When the banner is about chest height, remove the pole from the top and lower the rest into the case.

How should I design my Roller Banner?

When designing your printed pull up banner, its important to remember that it’s likely to be the first thing a customer sees about your business. With this in mind, we recommend using an eye-catching design that stays in line with your brand identity and fits in seamlessly with other marketing material. Use branded colours, familiar fonts and your brand name and logo at the top for optimal exposure.

Since most businesses choose to use roller banner printing for use at tradeshows and exhibitions, you will want to create a design that is instantly noticeable even across the room. You may want to consider colourful artwork and use large fonts so your message can be read from a distance. For when customers come in closer for a better look, you should place your key message at eye level but do not include too much text or fonts too small. No one wants to have to bend down or squint to read advertising! As with all printed documents, it’s also incredibly important to proof read all of the text carefully before sending your roller banner to print.