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Foil Swing Tags

For a more luxurious and eye-catching finish to your gift tag design, choose foil swing tags and add a dazzling touch of gold or silver. Metallic foil tag printing can be used for clothing labels, gift wrapping, retail packaging, advertising and so much more.

Product Description

While clothing tags and price tags are two of the main reasons to use bespoke foil swing tags, there are many others. Swing tickets can be used to offer gift wrapping at checkout for customers buying for someone else.

This will not only give the original customer a great buying experience, but the receiver of your product will also be exposed to your branding on the custom gift tag design.

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Foil Swing Tag Printing in Staffordshire

Foil Swing tags as they are known in the UK, or hang tags in the US, were originally created so retailers could display the price, size and other information on their products. Step into any clothing store on the high street and you’ll be inundated with a range of custom swing tags adorned with the brand’s logo and any information needed to push a customer to make the purchase.

Foil swing tags can also be used to showcase information like your website, or to cross-sell goods by highlighting matching collections. Alternatively, why not use product tag printing to bring attention to sales and special offers in store.

As well as our range of standard swing tags, Print Stafford offers custom gift tag printing with metallic foil. Our foil hang tags can be ordered in two shapes, both 85mm x 55mm, one with regular square corners and the other with shaped corners at the top. You can then choose from two foil types: silver foil swing tags or gold foil swing tags. All our metallic foil product tags are printed single or double sided, supplied with string and include a drill hole.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Swing Tag?

Swings tags are labels that are used to attach to objects, predominantly retail products, using a drill hole and string or ribbon. They are widely used in the retail industry as clothing tags or price tags to display information or marketing details about an item, such as a clothing size, ingredients and the retail price.

Also known as swing tickets, hang tags, sale tags and gift tags, personalised product tag printing has a wide variety of benefits. Not only do they allow you to attach information easily to a product without the risk of damaging it, but they can highlight the professionalism of a brand, help establish your brand identity and be the final straw in pushing a customer towards the sale.

Foil Swing Tags vs Uncoated Swing Tags

Metallic foil gift tag printing is done much in the same way as our regular swing tags, but instead, they come with silver or gold foil within the design. Since they shimmer and catch the light in all the right places, foil gift tags are much more likely to draw the attention of customers. Adding subtle accents of gold or silver foil to your swing tag design can also create a buzz around your brand and add a touch of class and luxury that may not be possible with a standard uncoated hang tag.

We create silver and gold foil product tags using heat and a solid foil colour to press your design into the card stock. The shimmery, metallic finish of the foil opens up a whole new world of design options for your brand identity. We often recommend gold foil to match with darker coloured personalised gift tags while silver foil looks great against lighter designs.

Benefits of using Foil Swing Tags

Showcase your professionalism – Metallic foil product tag printing can make all the difference in showing a customer the quality and credibility of your brand. Rather than having the price and size scribbled by hand, you can display this and more with your own custom swing tickets. The professionalism of your printed product tags will ultimately reflect on the quality of the products themselves.

Secure a sale – Studies show that it takes only 30 seconds for a customer to decide whether they want to buy a product or not. To ensure you make the most of that time frame, use metallic foil product tags to provide the customer with everything they need to know straight away. Include the size, price, ingredients and more on the label so they’re not left wondering if its right for them.

Stand out from competition – When designed right, swing tags can be the finishing touch you needed to make your product stand out from everyone else. Metallic foil gift tags are especially great at this and are guaranteed to catch the eyes of customers as they browse the shelves with their unmissable shimmer.

Reinforce your brand identity – It’s important to make a good impression on a customer, whether they’re buying your products now or coming back to you in the future. If they see your branding printed in high quality on a custom designed swing tag, they are much more likely to remember you. You can also include information like your website and social media channels on your personalised gift tags to extend your brand message even further.

* Price based upon parcel cut 350gsm silk single sided print and matt lamination on a 3-4 working day production.

Artwork Setup Guide

  • Resolution: 300dpi minimum
  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • No printer marks required
  • Colour: CMYK
  • (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)
Typical production time is 3-4 working days.
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