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Snap Frames

Showcase and easily swap around your promotional posters, certificates and menus with our snap frames and posters.

Sometimes referred to as clip frames, our brushed aluminium range of snap frames is great for decorating your retail space, office or restaurant inside and out with colourful artwork and important pieces of information.

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Product Description

You can use our snap poster frames almost anywhere, with a choice of indoor and outdoor waterproof snap frames to pick from. Our outdoor poster frames are perfect as menu displays for catching the attention of hungry tummies walking past your restaurant or as promotional displays to showcase your latest offer or sale.

Professional and reliable, snap frames are ideal for keeping your business up to date with your latest marketing material.

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Snap Frames
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Poster Snap Frames for Posters in Staffordshire

If you’re a business that likes to change things up regularly, whether it be with a new promotional poster, menu or sale item, our snap frame poster holders make swapping in and out posters incredibly easy. Front opening, our poster holders are spring loaded so you can open and release your old poster with ease and effortlessly swap it out with a new one. The frame edges snap shut quickly back into place over the anti-glare poster cover to secure your printed poster.

At Print Stafford, we offer a wide selection of snap-shut frames to choose from all with free delivery. We offer three frame types including a choice of snap open aluminium frames including budget silver snap frames, premium black snap frames or a special outdoor weatherproof silver frame. All our snap frames come available in a range of sizes including A0 snap clip frames, A1 snap frame sign, A2 snap shut poster display, A3 snap frames and A4 snap frames so no matter the size of the space you need to fill, we will have a poster clip frame for you.

What are Aluminium Snap Frames?

Snap frames are handy tools for showcasing and swapping around your posters and marketing material. Also referred to as clip or click frames, snap poster frames are front openings and have four sides of the frame spring loaded so you can easily open from the front and release the old poster from within. You can then change around your promotional content and snap the frame edges back into place. This simple-to-use system makes changing messages on a regular basis super easy.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are Snap Frames or clip frames used for?

Our snap frames are used by a wide variety of businesses from restaurants and pubs wanting to display their menus in a professional way, retail establishments looking to showcase their latest sale or businesses looking for an easy way to promote their services on the outside of their building.

Many businesses use a range of poster snap frames for a multitude of reasons, A4 poster frames are often used as notice boards within staff rooms regarding health and safety. A2 poster, and A3 poster frames are also used as a cost-effective solution to display your promotional type of posters! Perfect for improving your customers’ shopping experience. No matter the size all our snap frames are available to be wall mounted via the back panel and all come with an anti-glare protective cover sheet. To protect your posters whilst they are in the picture frame. 

They are really simple to use and their poster locking mechanism means that every time you wish to update that poster – you can, without taking the frame off the wall.

How do I display my Snap Frame poster display?

Poster display frames can be displayed almost anywhere. They can be screwed onto displayed on interior walls, or outdoors. You can use screws and plugs to attach your clip frames to walls or double-sided tape or Velcro.

What sizes do you offer your snap frame poster holders?

We offer our quality aluminium poster frames in the following sizes (the most common poster sizes):

A4 = 210mm x 297mm
A3 = 297mm x 420mm
A2 = 420mm x 594mm
A1 = 594mm x 841mm
A0 = 841mm x 1189mm

As we stock a wide range of styles and colours of our front loading sign holders let’s recap some of the differences. Our budget snap frames silver and black alike both have a mitred edge as part of the 25mm frame profile. Our silver frame sign holders are finished with a silver anodised aluminium finish whereas our black ones are black (pretty self-explanatory really). Both are available in all the popular sizes and are probably one of the most popular types of poster frames available. They make easy poster displays and it’s super easy when you need to poster change.

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