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Perfect Bound Brochures

Ensuring a clean, sharp, and polished finish to your marketing material, our Perfect Bound Brochures are perfect for showcasing the professionalism of your business.

Also known as softback books or paperbacks, perfect-bound books are created by applying a thin layer of bond down the spine to secure a choice of stocks and sizes together for a durable and professional finish.

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You can order A4, A5, 210mm Square, 148mm Square and custom size available in a wide selection of paper like Silk, Gloss and Uncoated all with free delivery.

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Perfect Bound Brochures or perfect bound booklet printing 

If you want to create a high-quality magazine, booklet, portfolio or manual with a thick, durable spine, look no further than perfect bound booklets. They use strong and flexible thermal glue to hold individual pages together.

The result is a clean-looking booklet that is easy to stack, display and hand out to potential clients.

At Print Stafford, we create soft-cover books with premium thermal glue for binding. To achieve the best binding technique, the pages are stacked together in a block and then squared off for a neat finish before being glued together along the spine with extremely strong adhesive.

The printed cover is then placed around the pages and glued to the spine as well. Some of the many benefits of our paperback books include temperature resistance, long-lasting durability and flexible spines that won’t crack or leave pages falling out.

We offer a wide selection of sizes, designs and paper stock options on our perfect bound spine book printing here at Print Stafford. You can order A4, A5, 210mm Square, 148mm Square as well as custom-sized available in stocks like Silk, Gloss and Uncoated.

To leave a real lasting impression, you can also create them with additional finishing like Foiling, Lamination and Spot UV. Since we offer such a broad range of perfect bound book printing options, contact us and speak to customer services to discuss your requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions about Perfect Bound Books

What is perfect bound booklet printing?

Our Perfect binding printing service is a type of paperback or soft cover book binding method that traditionally uses ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a simple thermal adhesive that sets quickly when the spine is glued. This is different to PUR binding which instead uses Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive. 

What are the benefits of Perfect Bound Brochures?

Affordable – Perfect binding is one of the most affordable methods for creating high quality booklets. This means you can order more brochures within your budget and in turn send your marketing message even further.

Flat Spine – Compared to the staple binding method, these have a flat spine which can be printed on. This means you can add additional information on the spine of the booklet, such as your business name, catalogue number or booklet title. (the size of the spine width can and does vary depending on the number of printed pages). Not only does the page count make a difference but also the paper types used and finishing methods can make a difference to the end size.

Professional Looking –  this finish ensures brochures and catalogues are clean, smart and professional looking and when they look good, customers are much more likely to pick it up and read about what you have to offer. They’ll also associate your brand with quality goods and services.

What is perfect bound printing used for?

Perfect-bound books and brochures can be used for a great number of things. Since they look clean and elegant, thanks to their neat square-shaped finish, softcover books make for professional-looking catalogues and manuals for businesses as well as coffee table books, yearbooks, children’s books, educational books and even self-published novels.

When you choose perfect books you have several different laminate options including matt or gloss lamination and soft-touch lamination. A range of additional finishes such as foiling and spot UV can also be applied too. Remember if your having spot UV or foil supply these in a separate print file. So there are a lot of options to suit a wide range of finishes.

When you use PUR printing and binding for your custom books you can choose to have many pages between 40 to 240 including the inside pages and the cover. We use the number of pages and paper type chosen to determine the thickness of the binding edge or spine to create the best finish.

We offer a range of paper options for brochures including silk and gloss coated paper and uncoated stocks too for the inner pages – covers are typically printed on 350gsm silk as standard. This means that the inside front cover and inside back cover will be printed on this thicker stock.

How should I set up my perfect bound booklet artwork?

Setting up your artwork for perfect bound brochure printing is slightly different. Most things in print ask for a 3mm bleed area or trim supplied in their artwork. To make your perfect bound booklet files perfect we would suggest a minimum of 5mm safe area on the inner pages on the edge where the spine of the book is bound. This is to allow for creep and is common practice with all types of booklet binding options. If you’re not sure as to where to begin feel free to download our pdf templates to ensure that when you upload your artwork you get the perfect print you would like to receive and your artwork is print ready.

Designing for these allows for full vibrant ink coverage so you can really go wild with the design, just make sure that all your important content is in there! We offer digital printing and litho printing along with your delivery address to complete your order. If you are unsure where to begin please contact us.

Artwork Setup Guide

  • Resolution: 300dpi minimum
  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • No printer marks required
  • Stock: Silk, Gloss and Uncoated
  • Colour: CMYK
  • (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)
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