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Market yourself and your business effortlessly and affordably with our promotional notepads product. Whether you choose to hand them out to existing clients as a thank you or to new clients as an introduction item they are perfect!

Make every page of your bespoke printed notepad your very own billboard and spread your business name, logo and marketing message to everyone that sees it. Then, when those notes get passed on, so does your company’s identity!

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Product Description

We print our notepads in full colour utilising our lithographic press on 90gsm bond paper or 120gsm uncoated material is available in the range too. On the long or short edge of your pad, we glue bind to hold the sheets together in sets of 50 sheets which allows you to peel the sheets from the pad with minimal tearing.

To stiffen your notepad, we add a grey thick board so that it’s easier for writing and provides more outstanding durability. You can choose to have your promotional notepad printed in either landscape or portrait in a choice of sizes including A5, A6 and DL.

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Custom Notepads  and Notebooks Printed in Staffordshire

As practical as it is appealing, notebooks and notepads allow you to take your business message with you everywhere you go. From sitting at your desk and writing down your list of things to do. to attending meetings, visiting events and trade shows to even stopping by a client’s premises, a printed notebook can be used for taking notes and becoming a visible, transportable marketing campaign for everyone to see.

This subtle form of advertising can be even more effective than pushing digital promotions that demand attention. Instead, clients will get an intriguing peek at what your business and want to learn more themselves. Not only that but they are an affordable and useful tool perfect for use whilst they are doing their weekly shopping.

The quality of your business stationery can also say a lot about your business. Let’s say a client visits your establishment and witnesses an employee scribbling notes down on the back of an old piece of paper – that’s not a good look for anybody! Instead, provide your customers and your employees with high-quality printed notepads that will both show the professionalism of your company and provide a cost-effective method of marketing.

What are custom notebooks and notepads used for?

Aside from the most obvious benefit of taking notes, notepads and notebooks can have excellent marketing value for your business. When designed in your brand colours with your business name and logo, and other elements you can allow your company and its message to be exposed to everyone that sees and utilises one.

People love receiving gifts and by offering a current or prospective client printed personalised notepads, you are bound to make a good first impression. Hand them out at tradeshows or include them with shoppers’ orders, this way, they are more likely to have your business at the front of their minds and choose to employ you in the future.

We wrote an article on our blog about 10 ways Notepads can help win new customers and highlights some of the many benefits of custom-printed Notepads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Branded Notepads?

Completely customisable, our notepads can include whatever design you want allowing your creative juices to flow! When you personalise something, especially with your own, it can not only become sentimental to you and your employees, but it becomes great free advertising to anyone that sees it.

High-quality business stationery is also guaranteed to make you look professional and help establish recognisability with your customers and prospects. Our printed memo pads are handy and perfect for writing important notes when you are on call. They are also versatile and low cost, so you can kit every desk in the office with one and stock up on cost-effective freebies to give away.

If you are after A4 or A3 then you should look at our Deskpad options perfect for day-to-day use too!

How should I design my printed A5 sized Note pads?

Like a blank slate, our printed notepads and notebooks can be completely customised to match your exact design needs. There are very few rules you need to follow when designing one, allowing you to get creative and create an attention-grabbing design that works best for you.

We do recommend designing your printed notepad with similar colours and fonts to the rest of your company identity. This allows them to easily recognise and remember you. You should include your company name and logo somewhere too for optimal exposure. This is typical for most printed artwork, please note the artwork you upload and submit should also include a 3mm bleed area. Typically the logo or design is used to jot information so a light touch can be beneficial in the design making sure the design contains not only your details but they are able to use with a pen or pencil. Just a reminder if it’s not useful to them it won’t be used!

Can you design my Notepads for me?

We would be delighted to! Simply request a quote from our team and we will review it and reply with a quote for the work. We do advise that you give us as much information such as quantity sections and the size you have selected etc so we can quote you accurately.

At Print Stafford, we pride ourselves on printing notepads and notebooks to a high standard for many local businesses in Stafford, Cannock, Penkridge, Uttoxeter, Stone, Stoke on Trent and throughout the Midlands. We also have many clients nationwide who benefit from the free delivery and excellent value service we offer on all our quality Desk pads and Notepad printing.

Blank Templates

A5 Size

DL Size

A6 Size

Artwork Setup Guide

  • Resolution: 300dpi minimum
  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • No printer marks required
  • Stock: 90gsm uncoated
  • Colour: CMYK
  • (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)

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