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10 Ways Custom Notepads Can Win New Clients

There are endless marketing opportunities waiting to happen with custom notepads. Whether you choose to hand them out to existing clients or potential new ones, custom notepads are a fantastic way of marketing yourself and creating the right first impression.

10 Ways Custom Notepads Can Win New Clients

In a world where almost everything is done online, it is important to remember those essential paper-based tools like custom notepads that can really make the difference building a business.

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There are endless marketing opportunities waiting to happen with custom notepads.

No matter how digital the modern world gets, everyone still reaches for a custom notepad and pen when those flashes of inspiration come. Imagine your custom notepad being there! Just in the same way that people prefer the feel of a real book in their hands to a tablet, people will always favour writing their thoughts, notes and ideas on paper. Let’s be honest, we’ve all got one on or near our desks and while many of us may overlook these handy bounds of paper, they can be excellent tools for getting your company message and logo across to a huge range of potential clients.

Give them out in meetings

Offering custom notepads to anyone visiting your office for a meeting. This will not only make the client feel special, but they will think of your brand every time they use the notepad in the future. You can create the right impression by using them yourself at outside meetings too.

Giveaways at trade shows

Everyone enjoys free stuff and notepads with custom notepad pages are the perfect choice for giveaways. They are much more likely to be used by potential clients than other items like tote bags or lip balm. Instead, notepads will find a home on their desk where they’ll see your business logo every day.

Use them in your office

There is no better way to create a professional feel in an office than by having branded notepads and stationery about the place. Have wirebound notepads at the ready in meetings and deskpads by computers for easy note taking and instant brand exposure.

Networking meetings

Taking a custom notepad with you to a networking meeting is like carrying an open business card for everyone to see. Keep it in your hands as you walk the room or use it to make notes on during the event, either way it’s a great technique for catching a client’s attention.

Loyalty vouchers

If customer retention is your main focus, then why not use notepads for more than taking notes. Show appreciation to your customers and create a format that includes money off vouchers or loyalty schemes.

Product catalogues

Instead of having the same image on every page, use parts of the notepad to showcase your products and services. It’s the perfect spot for some self-advertising!

Thank you gifts

Show a customer you appreciate their business by sending out a thank you notepad with an order. As well as acting as a reminder of the service you provided, the kind gesture may even lead to repeat business or a referral.

Personalised pages

Change things up and format your notepad to showcase more than just blank pages. By including to-do lists, contact detail forms or calendars, you make them much more likely to be used.

Send with invoices or quotes

Admittedly, invoices aren’t everyone’s favourite thing to receive but a free notepad shows you appreciate their business and even helps establish brand recognition. Sending a custom notepad with a quote can also demonstrate the quality service you intend to provide.

Bulk out direct mail

If you are sending out marketing mail, people are more likely to open the envelope when they know something significant is inside. A5 notepads are the perfect choice in this case as they can be sent as a standard letter size making it more cost effective.

With so many practical uses, Custom notebooks and deskpads are a no-brainer for spreading your brand message and logo. Order yours today at Print Stafford.

There a wide range of sizes from a small pocket notebook or a larger deskpad to be used within a office/school. You can download your notepad templates from our template library.