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The Difference Between NCR Pads, Sets and Books

But what is NCR? How do it work? And what are the differences between NCR Pads, NCR Sets and NCR Books? Let us answer all your burning questions in this blog.

types of ncr

Do you find yourself in need of a quick and efficient way to write duplicate delivery notes, invoices or forms? Are you still using old-fashioned carbon paper and realising the expense, mess and hassle that goes with them?

If so, then you owe it to yourself to start using NCR pads, sets and books they are all excellent types of NCR finishing, all with their own uses.

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What is NCR?

NCR stands for ‘No Carbon Required’ which ultimately explains how NCR paper works compared to its predecessor, carbon paper. If you’ve been a tradesmen for many years, you may remember carbon paper. It involves using an ordinary sheet of paper over the top of a sheet of carbon paper.

When pressure is applied with a pen or pencil, the carbon will imprint itself onto the sheet below so that an exact copy of the details are made. However, carbon paper is notoriously messy so instead NCR pads were developed to do the same job but in a better, cleaner and more efficient way.

How do NCR Pads, Books and Sets work?

Instead of utilizing carbon paper, NCR pads, books and sets are made up of pieces of NCR paper glued together. The back of each sheet is layered with a special micro-encapsulated dye which reacts with the top of the paper below when pressure is applied – usually with a pen or pencil. This provides an instantaneous copy of the information you have just written down.

Compared to carbon paper, NCR paper replicates is much more accurately and with a lot less mess! The format of the NCR paper differs depending on whether you choose NCR pads, NCR books or NCR sets. Let’s now discuss what the differences between these are…

What are NCR Sets?

NCR sets are a single glued set of NCR paper. They remain loose from each other, unlike NCR pad and books, generally consisting of a white top sheet and one or more coloured under sheets underneath. They are carefully glued together at one edge, either at the top or side depending on whether you choose a landscape NCR set or a portrait NCR set. They are 1 option for the types of NCR you might need.

NCR sets are loose, and so not glued or stapled into pads and books and do not come with a grey backing board.

At Print Stafford, you can order either A4 NCR sets or A5 NCR sets as 2 Part, 3 Part or 4 Part, subject to how many copies you want to make.

The top copy is always white and the NCR paper below is coloured for distinction. We can also include numbering and personalised information on your NCR sets such as your business address, invoice number etc.

Uses for NCR Sets

Since NCR sets are loose, they are an ideal solution for businesses that may not require a large amount of NCR paper but instead want an easy and efficient way to back up their digital counterparts. NCR sets are easy to file away and so are perfect for small or large businesses wanting to duplicate receipts, delivery notes, invoices, accident forms or purchase orders.

They can also be ideal for situations where one person enters part of the details, and the NCR set is then taken away to be completed on a different site or at a different department.

NCR Sets
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What are NCR Pads?

An NCR pad is a glued pad filled with 50 complete NCR sets. The pad also comes with a choice of two writing shields, a loose writing shield as standard or a fixed one which can be used as a protective cover as well as allowing you to prevent pressure from marking the lowers sets. Once you’ve filled out the top set of NCR paper, NCR pads allow you to tear off individual sheets for distribution.

Our NCR pads can be glued at the top or side for either landscape or portrait format and are backed by a thick grey 600gsm backing board. These are another option for the types of NCR you might need.

You can order your A4 NCR pads or A5 NCR pads in 2 part, 3 part or 4 part, all coming as 50 sets. This means if you were to order a 2 part NCR pad, then each pad would have 100 sheets glued together.

Likewise, our 3 part NCR pads would have 150 sheets per pad and a 4 part would have 200 sheets. As always, we can personalise your custom NCR pad to your specifications.
Uses for NCR Pads

NCR pads are widely used by tradesmen such as electricians and plumbers since it allows you to carry multiple NCR sets in one. They are perfect for duplicating information such as invoices, receipts, purchase orders, delivery notes, inspection reports and safety records and their compact size means they are easy to carry around and travel with.

Once you’ve filled out the information, you can then tear off the top set and distribute them to your colleagues and customers.

What is an NCR Book?

One of the biggest questions we get asked is what is the difference between NCR pads and NCR books? They are both similar in that they hold several NCR sets, but it is their structure and quality that differs. While NCR pads are glued along one edge and require you to tear the entire set out, NCR books have a spine, a fixed cover and a perforated edge which means you can tear out a number of the copies and leave one non-perforated sheet in the book.

This enables you to keep a copy of the contents safe within the book indefinetly and eventually, your NCR book will become its own folder of information for safe keeping.These are the last option for the types of NCR you might need.

NCR books are perforated at the side or at the top depending on whether you want a landscape or portrait book. The edging is also spiked and taped and fixed with a sturdy cover as standard.

As always you can also get A4 NCR books or A5 NCR books in 2 part, 3 part and 4 part, all with 50 sets each and delivered with a loose writing shield.

Uses for NCR Books

Since they come with a durable cover, NCR books are considerably more robust and hard-wearing than NCR pads and so are perfect for businesses regularly on the move. They also offer a more refined and professional finish that will do wonders for your brand identity as you visit and supply customers with their own duplicate sheet.

They also allow you to create instant carbonless copies of written documents without a photocopier with can them be stored all in one place. They are perfect as invoice pads, accident report books, testing reports and all sorts of administrative records.