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Swing Tags

Whether you call them price tags, sale tags, hang tags, gift tags, clothing tags or swing tags, all your printed tag needs are fulfilled at Print Stafford.

Showcase the price, specifications, and descriptions of your products with custom gift tag printing all while communicating the valuable attributes and professional standards of your brand.

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Product Description

Swing tags or product swing tags printing can also be used for notifying customers of sales or competitions, highlighting limited edition offers or for cross-selling your goods by creating collection-themed tags so customers can find matching items easily.

No matter how you use gift tag printing, with your branding centre stage you’ll find them the perfect finishing touch to your marketing plan.

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Swing Tags
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Swing Tag Printing in Staffordshire

Gone are the days where hand scribbled prices are scrawled across scrap paper and customers are left wanting more information about products on display. With personalised gift tags and swing tags, you can easily and effectively secure sales by providing customers with all the information they need.

Retail swing tags printing can often be the small difference from turning a window shopper into a buyer by tempting them with the price, specifications and your professional branding right where they need it.

While swing tickets are traditionally used for labelling clothes and other retail goods with their price, there are in fact limitless uses to them. You can create personalised hang tags to offer gift wrap at checkout. When your customer gifts your product to a loved one, your branding will be secured on the wrapping, notifying more than just the original customer of your business.

At Print Stafford, we offer custom gift tag printing to businesses of all sizes. Our personalised swing tags can be ordered in two shapes, both 85mm x 55mm, one with regular square corners and the other with shaped corners at the top. You can also choose from three paper types: 350gsm Recycled, 350gsm Silk and 350gsm Uncoated.

The latter is ideal for businesses wanting to write easily on one side of their tag design for a nice personal touch. All our personalised gift tags are printed with a drill hole, supplied with string and can be printed single or double sided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Swing Tag?

Commonly referred to as swing tags in the UK, but also found under hang tags, gift tags, price tags or sale tags, these indispensable marketing tools are the piece of card you often find attached to retail products in store displaying price, size and other essential information.

They are typically rectangle in shape and sized much like that of business cards and come with a drill hole for attaching to products by string or wire. Custom swing tags have a number of uses, and when designed with your branding on one side, you can easily promote your brand message to everyone that sees them. We can even offer them with foil on so if you are looking for something different why not try our Foil Swing tags!

Different Ways to use swing tags printing.

Swing tag printing can be used for a wide number of marketing reasons, but here’s some of our best recommendations:

Display price – The traditional use of product tag printing is to display the price of a particular product for customers to see, allowing them to make an instant decision on purchasing it

Showcase extra information – As well as the price, swing tickets can also be used to display specifications like clothing size, whether it’s handmade or the ingredients within the product. Information like this can be the small detail that pushes a customer into purchasing

Cross–selling – Highlight a range of products with one style of custom gift tag so customers can find matching pieces in the collection. This will encourage customers to purchase more than what they may have initially come in for

Advertise sales and promotions – Use product tag printing to draw attention to discounted products or promotions you have.

Gift wrapping – If a customer is purchasing a product from you as a gift, why not add a personal touch to the customer’s experience and offer them gift wrapping. This way, not only the original customer will be exposed to your branding but the receiver too

Festive decoration – Swing tag printing can also help you keep up to date with different seasonal holidays. Design sets of swing tickets for Valentines Day, Christmas or Easter and swap them around easily depending on the season to attract customers attention

How design your own swing tags?

When doing your swing tags design, your main focus should be on creating something eye-catching so that customers will take notice of the products they are attached to. We recommend using bright colours and putting your branding and logo centre stage so your brand message is noticed by all that look at it.

High quality product tag printing like that at Print Stafford will also help reinforce the quality and credibility of your business. If you require any assistance with your personalised tag design, why not make use of Print Stafford’s bespoke design services. Simply get in touch with the team with your needs and we’ll send you a quote for creating you custom product tags.

Artwork Setup Guide

  • Resolution: 300dpi minimum
  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • No printer marks required
  • Colour: CMYK
  • (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)
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