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How to Send Your Artwork

Read on to find out more about the many ways you can send us your artwork for your print orders.

print ready artwork

How to Send Your Print-Ready Artwork

We would never just print what you send us without checking your file first, should there be an issue we would advise you of it straight away. All files sent to us will automatically get a free artwork check as we don’t want you to have any nasty surprises.

If your design doesn’t meet our print-ready artwork guidelines outlined below, we will let you know.

If you wish to supply your own artwork for us to print, please ensure it complies with our artwork checklist before submission.

Send your artwork files to us at or via – either click on the link below or visit

1) Open a new browser window and visit
2) Click on the “+ Add files” button
3) Select the file(s) you wish to send (you can drag and drop also here)
4) Enter the email address of the person you’re sending the files to:
5) Enter your own email address.
6) Write a short message if required
7) Click on the “Transfer” button
8) We transfer will send you a pin to enter to verify your a human (we know great ain’t it)
7) We will then be sent the files and you will be notified once we have downloaded them.

Print Ready Artwork Guidelines

We understand that preparing your own artwork can often be a little confusing. We’ve compiled a quick guide with some great tips below which will hopefully help with any queries you may have.

So what are some of the things you need to look out for?

  1. Low resolution or RBG pictures
  2. Corrupted fonts
  3. Incorrect usage of colours such as pantone colours in a full colour job
  4. Transparency issues relating to incorrect PDF output
  5. Fonts not being embedded in PDF files
  6. No bleed to allow for finishing
  7. Trapping issues like overprinting colours


‘Print ready artwork’ means that you provide us with a file which we will print directly from, this needs to be setup correctly. This file will need to be in either a PDF format or a high resolution jpeg. If you don’t have your artwork in a print ready format to send us we can create it for you. Our talented team of graphic designers will work with your ideas and preferences to give you a design that compliments your business.

PDF Files

If you have artwork which you would like to print from, we will need it sent in this format. You will need to use PDF software, or if using Publisher or Word, save the file in PDF format. You will need to ensure all PDF files are flattened.

Double sided artwork should be supplied in a 2 page PDF – 1 file containing 2 pages.

Page 1 will be considered the front and page 2 the back.
Page 1 will be considered the outside page and page 2 the inside on a folded leaflet.
The number of pages in a booklet must always be a multiple of 4 e.g 4 pages, 8 pages etc.
Booklets should not be sent as spreads or ‘printer’s pairs’.
Pages must be in the intended order of the booklet starting with the front cover as page 1 and the back of the cover as the last page.
e.g. 12pp booklet = 1 PDF containing 12 pages – not 12 separate PDFs.

Artwork to be supplied at the correct size (with bleed)

E.g. Don’t supply a PDF with a business card set in the middle of an A4 page. All setup sizes for our finished products can be found within the product page.


We require 3mm bleed on all jobs, apart from large format printing and pop up banners, on these jobs we require 10mm bleed on all edges.

Safe Zone

3mm is the safest distance from the trim edge

Embed or outline fonts
Minimum resolution is 300dpi at 100%
Before sending your file, you should open and check all your pages for any errors that may have occurred during the conversion to pdf.

If you need any help feel free to get in touch.