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Leaflets & Flyer Printing

No matter whether you’re on the look-out for a new set of restaurant menus, product information sheets, handouts, price lists, magazine inserts or something else entirely, get the message out about your business with our range of printed leaflets and flyers.

Our flat leaflets and flyers are a cost effective way of reaching your audience without the confines of space and provide straight-to-the-point information in a range of compact sizes.

Flat Leaflets & Flyers printing in Staffordshire

Our range of flat leaflets and flyers are one of the most tried and tested methods of marketing. Unlike an email that will undoubtedly get lost in the junk box or a social media post that is easily scrolled past, people still trust in print and are much more likely to take notice of a printed leaflet sent through their letter box, slipped into a magazine or handed out to them on the street.

Cost effective and easy to distribute, our leaflets and flyers are printed using state of the art machinery and onto quality paper sources to ensure all your printed flyers result in the high quality finish your brand deserves. We use a mix of lithographic and digital printing machinery which enables us to cater for orders large and small alike, whilst also ensuring our customers benefit from great prices and great finished products.

Flat Leaflet & Flyers paper stock options

We print our flat flyers and leaflets on a wide range of stocks including but not limited to 130gsm gloss, 150gsm silk, 250gsm silk and 350gsm silk. If you not sure what gsm best suits your print project feel free to read more about What GSM means.  Our silk stock is one of our most popular and offers a versatile finish with a smooth surface and subtle sheen and if you wish to learn more about the types of paper used for printing  we wrote about that too!

If you’re looking for printed flyers and leaflets on a different type of stock paper, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Print Stafford team and we’ll see what we can do!

Flat Leaflet & Flyers size options

You will certainly not struggle for options when it comes to the many different sizes of flat leaflet and flyers we offer. You can find slim flat leaflets in A4 and A5 alongside standard A4, A5 and A6 flat leaflets. For a unique look, check out our 148mm square leaflets or DL flyers with their sleek and sophisticated profile great for fitting into envelopes or standing proudly in display stands.

Flat Leaflet & Flyers finishing options

Just like our sizes and stock options, we offer a fantastic selection of finishing options on our flat printed leaflets and flyers. We offer lamination options including Matt Lamination, Gloss Lamination and Soft touch Lamination for a classic finish. We wrote about the different types of Lamination in print to help you learn more.  While our more unique finishing like that offered on our Spot UV Leaflets and Foiling provide a truly luxurious and sophisticated finish.

Our Spot UV flat leaflets and flyers incorporate spot UV on significant text or artwork to add depth and texture to your leaflet design and create a sense of professionalism and quality that will be instantly reflected on your business. Our Foil leaflets on the other hand showcase an eye-catching shimmer with silver or gold foil accents that let the potential of your business shine just as vividly as the metallic finishing.

What are Flat Flyers and Leaflets typically used for?

Our wide selection of flat leaflets and flyers can be used for almost anything! You can use them for showcasing the key points of your business including product details, price lists, opening times and contact details. They are also fantastic marketing tools for promoting events, sales and promotions. Our range of sizes allow you to distribute them in a variety of ways including handing them out on the street, posting them through letter boxes, including in customers orders or slipping into magazine or newspapers.

What’s the difference between Leaflets and Flyers?

If we’re being honest, there is almost no difference between leaflets and flyers since both terms are used to describe printed sheets used for any form of promotion. In the past, flyers would usually refer to flat, unfolded sheets used for advertising events, club nights and gigs while leaflets were more commonly folded and used to distribute more serious information like charities and political elections.

Nowadays, flyers and leaflets are used to describe any sort of printed sheet that promotes, advertises, or informs. No matter what you need a flat leaflet for, at Print Stafford we can help guarantee your printed flyers arrive to the highest quality on your chosen paper stock. We will also check all your artwork and send a proof prior to printing to ensure your end product meets your standards.

If you are concerned whether a flat leaflet is what you need we wrote some great tips on whether to design a leaflet with or without a fold.