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Foil Leaflets & Flyers

Bright, brilliant, and instantly eye-catching our full colour foil leaflets and flyers catch the light in all the right places.

We offer a wide range of foil options, letting the potential of your business shine as vividly as the metallic finishing while the variety of sizes on offer are perfect for handing out at events, posting through letter boxes or including in envelopes.

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Product Description

We create our foil leaflets using lamination, heat and solid foil colour to press your design into the card stock.

The shimmery, finish of the flyers with metallic foil printing opens up a whole new world of design options for your brand identity, for example, classic gold foil flyers can look particularly striking when used with a dark colour background, while silver brings to life brighter shades.

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Foil Leaflets
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Metallic Foil Leaflets & Metallic Foil Flyers Printing

Metallic foil leaflet printing is a fantastic way of adding a touch of class, elegance, and luxury to what could have been a boring leaflet design. By adding subtle yet sophisticated accents of gold or silver to your promotional flyer, you are guaranteed to attract all the right attention and create a buzz around your brand, its services, events, and products.

Our metallic finish flyers are printed on thick 350gsm silk stock as standard with a choice of finishes. You can also choose to have the foil applied to one or both sides depending on how much of a statement you want to make. For added protection and to ensure your foil flyers come out with a smooth and crisp finish, we matte laminate all our prints. This is an excellent way to add extra thickness while making those dreamy foil highlights stand out even more. Feel free to read our foiled artwork guidelines below.

What are Foil Leaflets or Foil Flyers?

Similar in stature to any standard leaflet, our metallic flyer printing offers an extra touch of class and professionalism with shiny foil detailing across the design. It is completely up to you where you choose to include the foil on your leaflet design, but we recommend using it on details that you wish to exaggerate and bring attention to like your logo or brand name. There are a range of printing options available and these are perfect for a range of promotional campaigns and marketing materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Metallic Foil Leaflets and flyer printing be used for?

Our foil leaflets are perfect for capturing the attention of potential customers and clients at events, on the high street or even at home through the letter box. We offer foil leaflets in sizes A4, A5, A6 and DL so you have plenty of choice and room for showcasing your products, services, event details, price lists and contact details.

Thanks to their unique foil detailing, they are much more likely to stand out against plain and standard leaflets and create a sense of professionalism and quality that will be instantly reflected in your business and the services you offer.

What colour foils do you offer?

We offer a range of different foil colours, the popular choices are silver or gold, and copper foil sometimes referred to as rose gold. We are also available to offer holographic foil and blue and green foil perfect for Christmas invitations!

What lamination options do you offer on your foil print flyers?

We offer a choice of either matt lamination, which has a smooth finish or our velvety smooth matt soft touch lamination The soft touch laminate can sometimes be known as velvet for this very reason.

What is the digital foiling process?

It all starts with uncoated paper, we then print your graphic design to the paper using the latest high-quality machines either single or double-sided depending on what you have ordered when you placed your order. We then apply the matt soft-touch laminate or matt laminate, after this we we print the foil directly on top of the laminate using specialist techniques. It is because the foil lays flat on top of that layer that we can not offer a foiled leaflet without some form of lamination.

How should I design my Foil Leaflets & Flyers?

When designing your foil artwork, it’s important to consider exactly which pieces of information or imagery you want to highlight most and choose these areas for the foil element. It’s also important not to go too overboard with the foil or use really small fonts. Both gold and silver foil look great with most colour themes but contrasting colours in particular will really help make your foil flyer stand out.

All print artwork should be set up in CMYK and imagery should be a minimum of 300dpi resolution (dpi stands for Dots Per Inch) and have 3mm bleed. To get started with your customised design feel free to download our templates. If you are opting for folded foil flyers then it is advised to keep the foil away from where they are folded and the edge of your artwork to ensure it does not come off or crack.

Please note: You should supply the foil design elements as a separate file, and only 1 foil colour can be applied to a print due to the manufacturing process.  Do not worry as we check that all is correct when you upload your artwork, should we spot a problem we will let you know, so you can put it right.

We do these checks with all work we produce as it’s part of our printing service.

Can you design my Foil Leaflets for me?

Absolutely! We would love to help you design your foil leaflets. Simply send your brief to our design team and we will review it and reply with a quote for the work. We do advise that you give us as much information as possible about your leaflet design so we can quote you accurately and you get the design experience you deserve.

At Print Stafford, we pride ourselves on printing foil leaflets to a high standard for many local businesses in Stafford, Cannock, Penkridge, Uttoxeter, Stone, Stoke on Trent and throughout the Midlands. We also have many clients nationwide who benefit from the free delivery and great value service we offer on all our quality printed flyers.

Artwork Setup Guide

  • Resolution: 300dpi minimum
  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • No printer marks required
  • Stock: 350gsm Silk
  • Lamination: Matt, Soft Touch
  • Colour: CMYK
  • (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)
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