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Great tips for Leaflet design – with or without a fold?

When is the right time to use a folded leaflet or flyer? Is there a business industry where folding is expected? Is it time to design with a fold or keep it flat?

with or without a fold

Here we covers some of the many reasons as to why your leaflet design should be with or without a fold. We showcase a multi-use way of showcasing your products and services.

Table of Contents

Designing your leaflets with or without a fold and how to choose.

Knowing whether to design your leaflets with or without a fold can be tricky, its best to decide the content and look you want before beginning  the design. Leaflets provide a highly cost effective and affordable printed media solution for marketing campaigns including your new business launch, a competition and special offers. Here will give some tips on choosing the right style of leaflet for what you need.

Different to the printed brochure, leaflets and flyers proves itself time and time again to be a powerful marketing tool in any businesses toolkit.

Folded Food Leaflets

When it comes to folded leaflets, the main industry that springs to most peoples’ minds is that of the take away food and restaurant industry. All those naughty but nice culinary delights available in your location, and all it takes is one phone call. Things are a little different now with the ability for businesses to advertise on JustEat etc and other similar platforms.

However as many of our customers can attest the printed folded menu is still a needed item and offers a great return.

We can all remember the days when returning home, tired and hungry, we had to climb over a pile of take away menus greeting at the front door. Usually, they are designed with a highly visual focus consisting of mouth watering images of all the tasty treats on offer. There are lots of different types so with or without a fold.

take away menu design
nail salon tri fold

Beautiful Folded Leaflets

Who says that food is the only thing on the printed menu? Many businesses in the beauty industry present their treatments using a printed folded leaflet.

Folded leaflets and flyers can maximise the use of space to fully showcase what services or products your business provides. Many find this particular choice of print media a cost effective and affordable way to reach out to their target customers. When deciding on leaflet and flyer design, there are a wide range of folding styles available to enhance the design and showcase of your products and services perfectly.

Essential things to consider

If the main focus of your leaflets design and distribution is to get as much information presented to your potential customers as possible, in one hit, then the answer is most definitely to fold!

The beauty of designing a folded leaflet or flyer is that you can showcase your campaign in a tidy and uncluttered design which is pleasing to your customers eyes. A key element to remember when deciding on the style and layout, is to do all you can to avoid your leaflets going straight from the doormat to recycle bin. Making the choice between with or without a fold can be a crucial part of this.

Investigate your competitors’ designs; look at them through the eyes of the end customer. Are they easy to read? Do they display a nice balance of text and graphics? Does the business identify itself in a direct and correct way?

Less can be more.

Not every leaflet campaign calls for the need of a folded leaflet design. Some business models are not suited to displaying a lot of different types of information in print.

For example, a local drycleaning service may have regular special offers where their design style would focus on the particular offer at the time, using descriptive textual elements with the balanced addition of design and images.

The use of a folded leaflet in this case would not be necessary;  the flat leaflets and flyers style, would win in completing the delivery of the information being communicated to the target audience.

dry cleaning leaflet

What type of folds are there?

Typically within print there are 3 main types of fold. There are others and we do offer more but for the sake of this article we will highlight the 3 basic styles

We have a half fold. This is taken by folding a sheet in half. We have a trifold in c fold – folding the paper into 3 equal parts. As well as a trifold in a z fold again folding into thirds in a z fold.

We cover them more in the article we wrote about leaflet folds.

As an example the half fold would give you 4 equal pages to lay out your companies information. Where as the trifolds would offer 6 pages or panels of information.  More panels or pages does not neccassarily mean more space so you should really think about the information going on to the design.

The panels can and should be used to create the flow that you would like your customers to read about your products and services.

Simple and cost effective.

The use of leaflets and flyers can and does prove itself to be a highly successful and returnable investment when it comes to promoting both repeat and one off campaigns for competitions, offers and events. Where the need calls for being direct and bold, the flat styled leaflet drop can be both affordable and effective.

Routinely used for the marketing of events; where leaflets are either handed out or posted, a flat single or double sided design provides ample space for information to make your target audience aware of that upcoming event or service.

Whatever the nature of your campaign you can enhance your other printed media’s design with matching with or without a fold leaflets that will encourage your audience to get in touch.

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