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Folded Leaflets & Flyer Printing

Some of our best-selling products, our selections of folded leaflets and flyers are an integral part of any marketing campaign and can do wonders for captivating customers new and existing alike to discover your brand and its services.

Whether you’re looking for a new drinks menu, a compact catalogue for your products or a handout sized advert for your local theatre group, we guarantee to have a folded leaflet and flyer tailored to your needs.

Printed Folded Leaflets & Flyers in Staffordshire

There’s no denying that folded leaflets and flyers can grab attention in ways digital marketing like tweets and emails cannot. They won’t get lost in a junk box and are unlikely to be ignored when handed out on the street or posted through the letter box.

Their tangible nature also means they are much more likely to be trusted than something digital and by framing your key selling points in an easy to read and digestible format, potential customers are more likely to take notice and act on the information.

Our printed folded leaflets and flyers are incredibly cost effective and can have a great return on your investment. Rather than spending silly amounts on TV or radio advertising, target your key audience directly and at a less-risky price.

You can hand them out on the streets outside buildings where your audience might reside, post them through letterboxes in locations you can expect to be popular or include folded leaflets inside existing customer orders for advertising special offers or promotions.

Folded Leaflet & Flyers paper stock options

We print our folded flyers and leaflets on a wide range of stocks including but not limited to 130gsm gloss, 150gsm silk, 250gsm silk and 350gsm silk. Our silk stock is one of our most popular and offers a versatile finish with a smooth surface and subtle sheen. If you’re looking for printed flyers and leaflets on a different type of stock paper, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Print Stafford team and we’ll see what we can do!

Folded Leaflet & Flyers size options

No matter the style or size folded flyer you are searching for, we guarantee to have something suitable for you. Some of our most popular folded leaflet sizes include A3 folded leaflets, A4 folded leaflets, A5 folded leaflets and folded DL leaflets. For something more unique, why not try our 210mm square folded leaflets.

Folded Leaflet & Flyers finishing options

Just like our sizes and stock options, we offer a fantastic selection of finishing options on our folded printed leaflets and flyers. We offer lamination options including Matt Lamination, Gloss Lamination and Soft touch Lamination for a classic finish while our more unique finishing like Spot UV and Foiling provide a truly luxurious and sophisticated finish.

Folded Leaflet & Flyers folding options

We offer several different folding options on our folded leaflets and flyers, some of which can be tricky to understand at first. To help you decide which folded flyer style suits you best, we have explained each of our available folds in detail below. If you’re still unsure after reading each description, don’t worry, simply get in touch with the Print Stafford team and we’ll be happy to help explain our different printed leaflet and flyer folds for you!

What are Tri Fold Leaflets?

Unlike the name suggests, our printed tri-fold leaflets do not have three folds but two which creates three panels each side. For example, if you were to take an A3 sheet of paper and fold it twice equally into a third, you would have 3 panels per side. Tri-fold leaflets are incredibly popular since it has a front cover, back cover and an inner spread and are widely used as price lists, menus or as mini booklets.

Tri-fold leaflets are also divided into two types: C-Fold and Z-Fold. A C-Fold leaflet is where the pages are rolled inwards so that when you open the leaflet up, there is effectively a c shape in the paper. Similarly, to this, a Z-Fold leaflet creates a Z or concertina shape and is created by folding the last page outwards.

What are Half Fold Leaflets?

One of the more easier leaflet folds to explain, Half Fold flyers are created with just a single fold down the centre. Sometimes referred to as bi-fold leaflets, the half fold cleanly divides your design into two parts and offers more space for large images and eye-catching artwork.

What are Cross Fold Leaflets?

Great examples of cross fold leaflets are maps and tourist guides. The sheet is folded in both directions as many times as you want up to 24 pages! They are often referred to as map folding and allow a large printed sheet, like a map, to be reduced drastically in size.

At Print Stafford, we pride ourselves on printing folded leaflets and flyers to a high standard for many local businesses throughout the Midlands. We also have many clients nationwide who benefit from the free delivery and great value service we offer on all our printed folded leaflets.

If you are unsure on whether a Folded leaflet is what you need we wrote some great tips on whether to design a leaflet with or without a fold.