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148mm Square 6PP

The unique sizing is guaranteed to stand out against conventional folded leaflets while still providing a great amount of space for your brand message, price list, services, contact details and more.

Our 148mm Square 6PP folded leaflets and flyers are into 3 equal parts in either a C Fold or Z Fold for that classic and professional finish.

Perfect for allowing you to make the most of all sides to get your promotion and services across. Their nifty handy size is perfect for use as magazine inserts, direct mail, drink lists or as a handout to interested customers.

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Product Description

Like a mini booklet, our 148mm Square 6PP folded leaflets allow you to organise your services and products efficiently without saturating an interested client with too much information all at once.

They are one of our most unique options for clients who are looking for a folded leaflet that instantly grabs attention and can be easily stored and shared with customers.

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148mm Square Folded 6PP
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148mm Square 6PP Folded Leaflets Printing in Staffordshire

If you are looking for a way to show off your business in an efficient and informative way with our premium quality 148mm Square 6PP flyers. Whether you’re looking for a new way to present your services to the client, an easy handout marketing leaflet, a price list or a sales brochure, the handy size of these folded leaflets allows you to market your business effectively.

Here at Print Stafford, we offer our 148mm Square 6PP folded leaflets and flyers printed onto a wide range of stocks including 150gsm silk paper, 250gsm silk paper and 350gsm silk artboard stock as standard.

What are 148mm Square 6PP Folded Leaflets & Flyers typically used for?

Our 148mm Square 6PP folded flyers are suitable for all types of businesses, great for if you are a restaurant looking for a neat way to showcase your drinks list, a personal trainer or hairdresser looking to present your services and prices in a different and efficient way or At Print Stafford, we have seen it all!

Key fold and size information.

Our 148mm square 6pp size folded leaflets and flyers are great for a reason. They start life as a printed sheet which measures 444mm x 148mm before they are folded into 3 equal parts. This is the standard Tri Fold method and this is what creates a finished size of 148mm x 148mm. Since there are 6 panels or sides to these folded leaflets, they are sometimes referred to as 148mm Folded 6pp leaflets or flyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fold the leaflets myself?

Nope! We pride ourselves on ensuring all the small, finishing touches are made when they arrive to you. We fold your 148mm x 148mm 6pp leaflets before we send them out so they’re ready for you to present and distributed as soon as they are delivered.

If I upload my own design, what file types do you accept?

If you are ordering online, we can accept .pdf and .jpeg files.

Which paper stocks and weights are available?

Currently, our 148mm Square 6PP are available on our Silk stock since it has a smooth feel with a slight surface texture. We are also able to quote for any additional stocks that we carry such as our 130gsm gloss.

Where could you use printed 148mm Square leaflets?

You can use 148mm Folded 6pp folded leaflets and flyers just about anywhere for a wide range of uses! They have so many uses from presenting a promotional catalogue, or a mini brochure that shows off all your services and prices. Their larger size allows for a great amount of information to be displayed in an easy-to-read format Even if they are the smallest 6PP folded we currently offer.

Do I need bleed and crop marks on my artwork?

You need bleed on all printed items. You do not, however, need to supply your 148mm Square 6PP leaflets with crop marks or bleed marks.

Can you advise me of the margins and safe zones?

Sure, we are always here to help! For folded leaflets like these, where possible we recommend a 3mm safe area within the whole design. Where you intend your artwork to be folded, we also advise a 5mm margin to ensure a perfect print. Feel free to download our free artwork layout templates to ensure a fantastic start to your design.

Can you design my square 4pp folded leaflets for me?

Absolutely! We have designed many 148mm Square 6PP Leaflets for our customers. Simply send your brief to our team and we will review it and reply with a quote for the work. We do advise that you give us as much information as possible about your folded leaflet design so we can quote you accurately.

At Print Stafford, we pride ourselves on printing 148mm Folded 6pp leaflets or flyers to a high standard for many local businesses in Stafford, Cannock, Penkridge, Uttoxeter, Stone, Stoke on Trent and throughout the Midlands. We also have many clients nationwide who benefit from the free delivery and great value service we offer on all our printed folded leaflets.

Artwork Setup Guide

  • Size with bleed: 450mm x 154mm
  • Flat Size: 444mm x 148mm
  • Safe Zone: 438mm x 142mm
  • Flat Size: 444mm x 148mm
  • Finished Size: 148mm x 148mm
  • Resolution: 300dpi minimum
  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • No printer marks required
  • Stock: Silk and Gloss
  • Colour: CMYK
  • (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)
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