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Stickers on a Roll

The perfect finishing touch to your gift wrapping, an easy transportable marketing tool and a simple way of labelling your products, custom printed stickers on a roll are effective printed products for every business.

Everybody loves high-quality personalised stickers, it’s a fact. They’re fun and affordable and when designed right, they can be incredibly effective marketing tools for getting your company’s identity out there.

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Product Description

At Print Stafford, we offer a huge range of styles for bespoke stickers on a roll. Our most popular choice is our custom round labels on a roll which can be ordered in 6 sizes followed by our printed square labels on a roll available in 4 sizes.

We also offer rectangle roll labels in 5 sizes; please see below for details on all the sizes available.

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Labels or Stickers on a Roll Printing in Staffordshire

Customised stickers on a roll can be incorporated into many aspects of your business to get you and your business noticed. Give them away for free at events and watch as your customers travel around with your logo exposed on their water bottles, laptops and notebooks for everyone to see. And with our printed waterproof labels, you’ll guarantee publicity like this for even longer.

You can also create professionally printed stickers for use on your packaging and gift wrapping. Not only does this improve a customer’s experience when shopping with you, but it’s the perfect way to cement your companies identity. With the logo and branding placed centre stage of your delivery box or product on a custom-printed sticker, your customers will immediately know it’s from you and will be much more likely to remember your business when they’re in need of your products or services again in the future.

Our custom stickers on a roll can also be ordered in three material choices. Our 68mic Semi-Gloss Permanent Label is a paper-based stock and so is not waterproof. Meanwhile, we offer two types of custom-printed waterproof labels. Our 60mic Polypropylene Permanent Label is waterproof and well suited to bottles and packaging while our 50mic Clear Polypropylene Permanent Label is also waterproof and transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes & shapes do you create printed labels on a roll in?

We can create professional roll labels in the following shapes and sizes:

Round Stickers on rolls:

30mm Diameter
38mm Diameter
40mm Diameter
60mm Diameter
70mm Diameter
80mm Diameter

Square labels on rolls:

30mm x 30mm
50mm x 50mm
102mm x 102mm
149mm x 149mm

Rectangle Stickers Rolls:

60mm × 40mm 
80mm × 50mm
80mm × 55mm
85mm × 50mm
95mm × 70mm 

Each of these sizes can then be ordered in a choice of materials and are all designed to be used with labelling machines. Don’t worry you can still use them with a little manual application. The last two listed are perfect for those of you looking for custom-printed waterproof labels:

68mic semi gloss (non-waterproof)
50mic clear (waterproof & transparent sticker)
60mic white (waterproof)

Our full colour sticker roll printing is also available with a range of finishes including a choice of laminates, matt and glossy, and a choice of varnishes that can add that extra durability to your sticker. You can also choose to have them uncoated it is up to you!

How should I set up my artwork?

When you know which custom shape from those above you wish to customise. Set up your artwork to its specification being sure to add 3mm bleed around the edge. Personalised label artwork should be set up in CMYK the same as any other printed item to ensure that your artwork is print-ready. Don’t worry we always check at this end and send you a screen proof to give you peace of mind.

What can you use stickers on a roll for?

Self-adhesive labels on a roll have a wide number of uses. Here are some of our favourites:

Packaging – Roll labels are the perfect finishing touch to your packaging, especially if you are an e-commerce business sending through the post. Close an envelope or seal a box with roll labels and as soon as it arrives on your customer’s doorstep, they’ll know immediately it’s from you.

Gift Wrapping – Whether it’s an in-store or online service you offer, why not increase your customer’s experience and offer gift wrapping? Not only will custom sticker rolls help establish your identity with the customer originally shopping with you, but the recipient of the gift will also have no choice but to take notice.

Product labels – Rolls of labels can also be used to brand your products from the very start. They are an affordable alternative to other types of packaging and you can create custom roll labels for different product collections to help your products stand out from each other. Ideal for use within the cosmetic industry for labelling beauty products and with our waterproof substrate they are suitable for use on jars or beer bottles too!

A roll of stickers with a logo will really speed up the process of getting your brand identity out there!

Benefits of Roll Label Printing

There are many benefits to creating a custom printed label roll for your business. Firstly, roll labels are incredibly cost-effective as a marketing tool and will help you maximise your marketing budget. Despite their affordability, they are still incredibly powerful at getting your brand noticed. When designed correctly, printed stickers will convey your message in a concise but interesting manner so that customers will have no choice but to look your way. Since they’re adhesive, it also means your marketing message can be put anywhere!

These are not the same as our self-adhesive paper sticker sheets which are not ideal for damp conditions. Our roll labels are fully customisable with your design and are kiss cut to shape, suitable for plastic and glass containers.

How do I set up my custom sticker artwork?

To make your print-ready artwork, firstly decide on the shape and size you wish to design and download our free blank template. Be sure to work in CMYK and follow the required safe areas and bleed. Then send your design us your design and let us know how many you wish to order either via the quote form or email you can call us too and we’ll get right on it. If design is not your thing feel free to get in touch and discuss your idea for our design service.

Please allow time for the design team to create your design, allowing for amendments and revisions to be made. These are typically on a 7-10 working day turnaround as each order is made to order.

Artwork Setup Guide

  • Resolution: 300dpi minimum
  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • No printer marks required
  • Stock: 450gsm Luxury Silk
  • Colour: CMYK
  • (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)
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