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Paper Placemat Printing

Bring to life the personality of your establishment with our high quality printed placemats. Printed in a choice of A3 or A4, our paper placemats can be completely custom designed with your branding and are fantastic for showcasing menus, promoting offers or even as fun activity placemats for children.

Whether you are a high-end restaurant, a family owned café or an upscale bar, dress up your table settings with a personal touch that guests are guaranteed to enjoy.

Printed Paper Placemats in Staffordshire

A centrepiece to your table, branded paper placemats are essential marketing tools for restaurants, cafés, bars and tearooms. Depending on how you choose to use them, you can highlight the quality and professionalism of your establishment with a well-designed printed paper placemat that includes your brand name, logo and details about the products and services you provide.

We recommend you include a design that stays in line with your branding by using familiar colours and fonts, so your brand identity is instantly absorbed by everyone that sees it.

Put your menu up front and highlight specials, drink promotions and more so guests can make quick and easy decisions on what they want to order. Let customers get to know you and your brand by including details about your business’ history and even include introductions to the owners or staff so guests can feel like they know you on a more personable level.

Many businesses also choose to design their printed paper placemats with children’s activities that can be drawn on and coloured in. This not only keeps children entertained and behaved but parents are much more likely to enjoy their meal or drink and in turn will associate your business with a pleasurable experience.

Advantages to printed Paper Placemats

There are many advantages to using printed custom placemats, but one that many businesses benefit from is their ability to subtly increase brand awareness. By incorporating your branding on a paper placemat, whether it’s your logo at the top of the menu or your brand’s mascot that can be coloured in by children, your brand identity is going to be noticed, consciously or not, by anyone that sees it. Unlike many marketing campaigns that scream at a customers to buy, branded paper placemats ensure you’re providing customers with the information and emotions they need to lead to purchases.

Paper placemats can also be incredibly time-saving for both you and your customer. Rather than your employee having to scrub down a table or wash a tablecloth, they can easily swap out a used paper placemat with a clean one. If you design a printed paper placemat with a menu on, your staff don’t need to worry about handing these out and your customers won’t have to wait for them either. Instead, they can sit down and immediately make a decision on what they want to order making your services all the more efficient.

Ideas for printed Paper Placemat Designs

The beauty of our custom paper placemats is that they can be designed however you want! Let your creativity run free and allow customers to get to know the personality of your business with fun artwork and imagery. For optimal exposure, we recommend including your branding such as your brand name and logo so customers can make clear connections between your business and the food or drink they’re consuming. Here are some ideas for designing your branded paper placemat.

Menu – By including your menu on your printed paper placemat, your guests can make quick and easy decisions on their orders without having to wait for a member of staff to serve them. Incredibly cost-effective, paper placemats are also great for establishments that like to change up their menu often.

Promotions – Perhaps you are offering 2 for 1 drinks or a curry night every Friday, let your guests know exactly what’s on offer and when with a printed placemat that shows off all your promotions. This is also great for tempting customers to return who may have missed out on a previous offer and will come back again to receive it.

Story of your brand – Allow your customers to get to know you and your brand on a more personal level by telling the story of your business on a paper placemat. As well as providing great reading material for when they sit at your table, your customer will feel connected to you and therefore more inclined to revisit.

Introduction to owner or staff – Similarly to telling the story of your brand, you can use paper placemats to introduce yourself and members of your team. Again, customers will feel like they know you more personally and it can make them feel good for supporting a small business. This can also be a great inventive for them to come back and keep supporting.

Children’s activities – Keep children distracted and behaved at in your establishment by designing your custom paper placemat with children’s activities. Include images that can be coloured in such as your logo or brand mascot. This can be beneficial in many ways; you not only allow parents to have a more enjoyable experience but your branded paper placemat may even end up on the family fridge for everyone to see!

At Print Stafford, we pride ourselves on printing paper placemats to a high standard for many local businesses throughout the Midlands. We also have many clients nationwide who benefit from the free delivery and great value service we offer on all our printed placemats.