How to Order

Thank you for checking out our 'how to order' page, we are passionate about our customer service and the importance of building relationships with our valued clients, this ensures you get the best product to suit your needs.  We are not faceless internet people and want to speak to you! 

First things first you need to find the product you are after. Our main categories are all listed in the menu bar at the top of the page. If you struggle to find the product you are looking for or if you are unsure about any of the products just drop us a message or a call.

Next you need to choose the type of paper you would like your product printed on. The paper type varies for each product. It is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter), the higher the gsm the thicker the paper. Once you click on the paper type you would like, check the description meets your requirements. There are usually a few tips as to what the paper types are best for but ultimately all of our paper stocks are fantastic! Contact us if you have any questions or queries about the paper types, no matter what the question is!.

Now you need to select a variety of specifications. These vary from Quantity to amount of pages (booklets) to how many types of multi name business cards you want. Once you've selected your specification you need to select add your chosen product to the cart.

If you would like to order more than just one product please repeat steps 1 to 3 until you have everything you want in your basket.  Once you have your chosen products in your cart you may click "Proceed to Checkout"

Almost there now! Fill in all the details required and ensure all the details you submit are correct. You will then go through to our payment screen where you can pay by card or paypal or even send us a bank transfer.

Now you just need to sit back wait for the courier to arrive with your new fantastic print!