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5 Excellent Reasons To Use A Professional Designer vs Doing It Yourself

Make things simpler for yourself and get the brand image you deserve by using a professional designer.

Professional Design

A professional design service should be a must for anyone who is serious about their brands image!

It’s no secret that for a great print product you need professional artwork, and for professional artwork you need to make use of a professional designer. But when there are so many free online DIY design tools you can choose to use, it’s easy to see why more and more people are choosing to attempt it themselves. Before you make the decision on which route to take, it’s important to ask yourself this question: how professional, reliable, and capable do I want to appear? If the answer to that question is ‘very’, then we suggest you read on.

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A professional design service should be a must for anyone who is serious about their brands image!

Hiring a professional design service can have endless excellent benefits to your products and consequently your business. Although it may have seemed a more affordable alternative to hiring a professional, that poorly constructed leaflet you designed yourself on Microsoft Word or the bland-looking business card you created using the same template as everyone else could end up doing your business more bad than good, and costing you more money in the long run. Make things simpler for yourself and get the brand image you deserve by using a professional designer. Here are our top five reasons you should use a professional design service for your next marketing project…

Tried and Tested

Professional designers are professional for a reason; they know what they are doing. Not only have they accumulated countless hours of experience creating professional artwork for others, but they know exactly how clients like yourself want to deliver their message. It comes as no surprise that consumers nowadays have short attentions spans so getting a consistent, powerful and eye catching design has never been so important.

Custom and Creative Design

Using a free design service you found online is all well and good until you remember that everyone else trying to create their own product is looking at the same template as you. Standing out and catching attention is exactly what you want from your advert, leaflet or poster, so why would you risk creating one that looks like everyone else’s? Allow a professional designer to create a bespoke design tailored towards you and your business, one that will instantly stand out from the competition.

A Different Perspective

Designing for yourself is not easy; the closer you are to the project the harder it is to look at it objectively. Instead, let a professional designer breathe new life into your marketing and come up with the ideas you’re missing. As professionals, they also know exactly what your customer will be looking for along with all the tips and tricks that come with catching the right attention. And when you discuss and refine these ideas together, we guarantee you will end up with a product far more appealing than you originally imagined

Having Full Control

A professional designer is just an email or phone call away, ready to give advice and listen to exactly what you are looking for in your final product. The same can’t be said about a free design programme found on Google. If you want your logo positioned in a certain way or the layout unique to anything done before, that free service is only going to restrict you with the limited tools it has to offer. A professional design service on the other hand gives you access to an unlimited range of design styles to suit you.

Save Yourself Time

If there’s one thing every business owner can agree on, it’s that there is never enough time to do everything you want. So, don’t waste yours trying to teach yourself how to become a graphic designer overnight and leave it to the professionals. Spend your priceless moments on the things that really matter, whether that’s thinking up your next great business idea or spending time with loved ones.

At Print Stafford, our team eat, sleep and breathe graphic design. So whether you are looking for a new logo design, advertising banner, leaflets, posters or a set of business cards, we are here and ready to help with all your professional designing needs.