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Why Business Cards are Still Important

Giving and receiving business cards is a critical tool when networking, thats why business cards are still important. Remembering someone’s information when meeting so many new people at a trade show or conference can be hard.

business cards are still important
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Why business cards are still important, even today!

You might be thinking are business cards still important? Well through out this article we aim to answer this question.

We believe that business cards are still important because all face to face business interactions have an element of the personal in them, the business card makes a better handshake than swapping electronic details by text or email when you meet someone. Don’t spend valuable ‘face’ time hunched over your phone – engage in eye contact, have a real conversation, give them your business card and take one of theirs.

Why are business cards important for business?

Having a business card is a great way in strengthening you customers perception of you and your company. It also provides them with your all important contact details to hand for when they need them.

Lets give you an example, your at an exhibition or seminar and you meet 2 people from different businesses both selling the same service. One person is truly awesome ticks all the right boxes has all the patter, and you have a great connection. However they scribble their contact details on a piece of paper.  The second person again has a great offering and again you hit it off, also has a great patter, they hand you a business card. You enjoy the day and set off.

Flash forward a week or month and you need that service, you might remember the first person – we are not saying you wont! You might not however remember what you did with their contact details – the second however gave you a business card that you saved with all your others – it looks great too a nice design with some lovely foil details and feels the bomb!

Who you gonna call? No not the Ghostbusters, well not unless thats the service they were selling! Thats why we thing business cards are still important. Now pretend for a moment that you are the first person that you met at that seminar or meeting, perhaps although you didn’t have any printed business cards but you instead gave them a digital business card, yes thats a thing.

Not only could you appear unprofessional and unorganized, you may have very likely just lost a prime business opportunity.

How can you be sure that its not going to get lost with all the other digital stuff we send back and forth every day! Most of the worlds business interactions and transactions today are digital – whether it’s email, conference calls or even networking – the humble business cards are still important and have a vital part to play.

Why are business cards still popular in this digital era?

Business cards we believe are still popular today even with so many digital options available because they are tactile. You have to remember business cards offer a sense of touch – this intern can be associated with an emotion or memory. We are not saying digital solutions can’t offer the same emotional responses there is some really great tech out there and more coming! We love tech and some of the AR and VR immersive solutions are truly awesome! For now we believe that the classic great business card is safe!

What is replacing the business card? Digital business cards?

Who knows? We would not like to be the one guessing what would replace any printed item being a printer and all we would not think it right. There are a lot of variables to consider with any product replacing another product. Lets take an example from the web when Amazon’s Alexa came out. The idea that voice search was going to take over all search intent on the web had a lot of people questioning their position some great web people too!

Flash forward a few years and in the grand reality although voice search is used more and more all the time, people still search using typed words into search engines. Using that as an example there will come a time in the future where the humble business card might be retired for ever but for now business cards are still important and make a great way for making them important connections.

Just a random fact from wikipedia about business cards prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 7 billion business cards were printed around the world every year. We would say any emerging technology has got to be good! We would say that we are printers!

We offer a wide choice of business card sizes although there is a standard norm its all about making yours different to make that great first impression. We even wrote an article about how to design your business card, perhaps you might want to give that a read!

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The importance of business cards allows you to strengthen your businesses brand image

People still do business with people, for all the connectivity and ease of use of digital communications. We still choose to work with individuals and organisations that have made a good impression on us, and your business card is part of your personality and brand image. It is something that represents you, and it will continue to work for you long after that first meeting with a new contact.

A business card tells people you’re serious about what you do – whether you’re an artist, band leader, banker or electrican or plumber. You’ve taken yourself seriously enough to want to pass on your details and you believe that people will take you seriously enough to want to keep those details to hand. It all goes back to those first impressions, and it really counts.

It’s one of the reasons business cards are still important.