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3 Great Tips on starting a new business

In most cases new starting company owners will have an idea for their business before they start but they will leave the branding and image until last. Here we summarise some great branding 101 basics to help you and your brand get off on the right foot.

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Starting a new business branding guide and tips!

Its exciting isn’t it? Buying products, sourcing suppliers and materials, getting premises, telephones and internet connected are always more important than what the new businesses image or slogan will be. This is a big mistake, a company needs an identity, it’s what the potential customers will and can relate to, it’s how your new business gains trust and helps you be remembered above your competition.

Indeed there is no point in having any business cards or letterheads printed unless you have your business address or telephone number, but those fine details come after you have determined your brand.

Your brand is the personality of your company.

If you are not stood right in front of your potential customer then it’s your companies brand that carries the message for you. This needs to be seen in all formats, on your leaflets, business stationery, online and offline as much as possible.

Don’t put off your branding!

If you delay your new business branding until the very last minute then you’ll rush it and are likely to be unhappy with the end result. This will only lead to a re-brand in the not so distant future, which can lead to confusion with your customers, especially those who have only just been introduced to the initial brand – only to be shown a re-brand a few weeks down the line, this doesn’t start you off on the right foot building a brand with customer confidence.

Even though you will be flat out with other aspects of the business launch and the setting up of the business. Registering with Companies House, whether to be limited or not limited setting up with HMRC etc.

It is important to take your time in getting the branding correct so you don’t have to re-brand later. But don’t take too long, a business start-up without a brand hasn’t really started at all.

Make sure when your starting out, that your brand relates to the products or services your new business will be selling or promoting. Make sure it reflects your business core values and commitment. You don’t just have to believe in the brand yourself, you have to love it, if you don’t then why should your customers? If you feel happy about your new venture you’re your enthusiasm will hopefully rub off on your customers too.

Once you have the right business image and your sure that it will last, and you are not going to have to change it when the dust has settled, from the business launch then you need to promote it big time.

Your business brand has to be highly visible across everything you do, the reason for a brand is that it’s an association with the companies values. The more people see your branding the more they will have the confidence to buy from you. So use it everywhere you can.

Deliver your businesses brand promise.

It’s no good you having a wonderful brand, giving lots of drive and enthusiasm, if your company can’t deliver on its promises. Your companies branding does give your customers reassurance and helps them feel confidence in buying from you, but if you don’t give the service that the brand promises then you’ve failed.

This is where the brand becomes the tagline that the company must adhere to, so you may want to think about whether slogans such as the ‘most wonderful company in the world ’, until you actually achieve it.

Start-up businesses will succeed when their business branding ‘does what it says on the tin’ exceed your customer’s expectations and you’ll become more successful even quicker, so the best advice is to not aim too high until you can deliver on your promises.

If your just starting a new business and want some help getting that all important branding put into reality feel free to contact us we would be more than happy to help.