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Desk Pads and Notepads Printing

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large company with a well-established portfolio of products and services, branded desk pads and notepads are guaranteed to help you improve your brand identity.

Printed on a range of high quality stock in a selection of sizes, our printed notepads and desk pads will leave your company in the minds of new and potential customers alike, allowing them to make the right decision when they need your services in the future.

Desk Pad and Notepad printing in Staffordshire

Even in today’s modern world, everyone still reaches for a pen and paper when those sparks of inspiration come. Be honest, you’ve probably got some notetaking tool right beside you as you read this!

While these handy bounds of paper can be excellent tools for taking notes, writing out to-do lists and taking messages from customers, custom desk pad and notepad printing can be just as useful for getting your company message across to your target audience.

Design a custom printed desk pad or notepad and use them in your office, gift them to staff, business associates and customers and create familiarity and trust every time they are used.

The quality of your business stationery also says a lot about you, so it’s important to choose a high quality desk pad and notepad printing service like that at Print Stafford.

A cheap-looking desk pad or a non-branded notebook does absolutely nothing for nobody! Don’t deter your customers away with an unprofessional finish and capture their interest instantly with some eye-catching quality printed stationery.

Why you need branded Desk Pads and Notepads

Whether you’re looking to catch the attention of students or business professionals, Mums, musicians, teachers or doctors, customised notepads and desk pads are a sure-fire way to spread brand awareness and attract new consumers. Typically, you would design your branded notebook with your brand name and logo on the outside so every time it is used, passed around an office, taken to a meeting or used in a café, your brand message is there for everyone to see.

Custom printed notepads and desk pads are also universal – everyone has a use for them no matter their age, profession, or gender! Unlike a leaflet or business card, customers are more likely to pick up a branded notebook and make use out of it for an extended period of time. We also offer printed desk pads and notepads in a variety of sizes, so no matter whether you’re looking for a compact A5 wirebound notebook for including in customers orders or a standout A3 desk pad to showcase the professionalism on your business at your desk, we have a custom notepad design suited to you.

We wrote an article on our blog about 10 ways notepads can help win new customers and highlights some of the many benefits of custom printed Notepads and Deskpads.

Desk Pad and Notepad size options

Perfect as gifts for handing out at tradeshows and events, we offer two sizes of wirebound notepads in A4 and A5. We print our A4 and A5 branded wirebound notepads on 350gsm silk stock with standard 90gsm stock used for the 50 inner sheets. You can choose to have your inner pages lined or plain and the cover finished in either Gloss or Matt lamination.

We also offer standard printed notepads in A5, A6 and DL sizes and in either landscape or portrait on 90gsm bond paper. On the long or short edge of your pad, we glue bind to hold the sheets together in sets of 50 sheets which allows you to peel the sheets from the pad with minimal tearing. To stiffen your notepad, we add a grey thick board so that its easier for writing and provides greater durability.

Our printed desk pads are ideal for spreading your brand message around the office, with high quality options in A3 and A4 or a choice of landscape or portrait. Like our branded notepads, our personalised desk pads are printed on 90gsm bond paper with glue to hold the sheets together in sets of 50.

How to design your Business Stationery Pads

As with any business stationery, your printed desk pads and notebooks should stay in line with your brand identity and include familiar colours, fonts and logos found elsewhere in your business. Where applicable, always include your brand name and logo so your message is seen instantly. It might also be worth including your contact details somewhere on the back cover so customers can easily get in touch if needed.

For custom printed notepads, you can fill up your front cover with as much colourful artwork and eye-catching imagery as you like, however for printed desk pads, it’s worth remembering that some of the space needs to remain free for writing! Desk pads can also be designed to include additional detailing like an annual calendar or space for noting down phone numbers.