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Clear Roller Banners

Perfect as general room dividers and for maintaining social distance regulations, our clear roller banners provide a lightweight yet sturdy barrier that can be assembled and dismantled in less than 30 seconds.

Made from 220mic PVC, our clean portable screens are completely transparent so you can effortlessly communicate with customers and guests while still protecting them, yourself and your staff from any nasty bugs.

Priced from: £46.15 including vat

Product Description

Ideal for use in hair salons and barbers, nail salons, in restaurants, gyms and offices, our clear screen banners allow you to create a safe boundary or workspace for those around you.

If you have a large space to divide such as an area where customers are likely to queue or a long counter in a restaurant or café, you can use several clear roller banners next to each other to form a longer protective screen.

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Clear Roller Banners
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Clear Roller Banner Printing in Staffordshire

Every successful business owners knows the importance of health and safety, and there’s no better way protect your staff and customers than with one of our clear roller banners. These genius transparent screens provide a cost-effective and easy to install solution for keeping everyone safe, and thanks to their lightweight construction and long shelf life, they can be easily stored away and transported so you can always keep up and adapt to the changing rules.

Depending on the size of space you need to divide, you can order our clear pop up screens available in two sizes: 800mm or 1000mm. They are engineered from high quality 220-micron transparent PVC material with an anodised silver finished base so they are not only robust and can be used more than once, but they are incredibly easy to clean and wipe down making your establishment all the more hygienic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits to Clear Roller Banners?

The ideal solution for your business’ social distances needs, our clear roller banner screens are a cost-effective tool for keeping your staff and customers safe. They are also durable yet lightweight meaning they can be easily transported between different premises and effortlessly manoeuvred around the room to fit the occasion.

They are easy to assemble and when dismantled they fit neatly into a small case so they can be stored away without issue when they are no longer required. Made from 200 micron PVC, our clear screens are also completely transparent so you can still see and communicate with customers easily and they can be wiped clean with little effort.

Where can you use Clear Roller Banners?

Clear roller banners can be used anywhere where social distancing measures or personal boundaries may need to be maintained. They can be used in gyms or workout classes for separating machines and guests, in between seats at hair salons, barbers and beauty salons, in offices for separating desks and employees, in between tables and across counters in cafes and restaurants and even in schools, hospitals and retail stores.

How do I assemble my Clear Roller Banner?

As with any printed roller banner, transparent pop up screens are super easy to install. Your clear roller banner will be delivered in a free carry case, so open this up and simply remove the banner and its base from the bag along with the pole. Then pull the transparent PVC banner to the height of your chest and secure it to the pole connector at the top.

Once connected, you can amend the height of the screen until you are happy and secure the other end of the pole into the base. When you want to dismantle your clear screen, simply remove the bottom end of the pole and let the banner retract back into the case.

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Typical production time is 2-3 working days.
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