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Our Guide to the Different Types of Banners for Printing.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the different types of banners we offer, such as vinyl, roller, fabric, mesh, and step & repeat banners. These printed banners, with their diverse features and applications, serve as indispensable tools for businesses. They not only offer amazing visual impact but also exhibit versatility for both indoor and outdoor banner use. 

Banners stand as a crucial marketing tool utilized by businesses, irrespective of their size, to prominently showcase messages, promotions, and branding. As printed banners come in a variety of shapes, styles and materials we will help you to pinpoint the right banner type for your unique advertising requirements.

Table of Contents

Whether you need a durable outdoor banner, a retractable display tailored for trade shows, or a captivating backdrop for events, rest assured that there is a printed banner designed to meet your specific needs. 

What Different Types of Banners are There?

Banners are often used as displays by businesses and individuals alike to make sure their message is seen. Banners are made from many different materials and styles, some are suitable as indoor banners and some are better suited as outside banner displays. 

PVC Banner printing

Custom Vinyl banner printing is probably the most common type of custom banner. Most of us will have seen a banner on our weekly shop – used by many supermarkets such as our local Aldi or Asda and businesses to highlight their promotions.

These banners can be customised not only with their design but also their sizes – we wrote more about this in our How to Design a PVC banner guide

This style of banner is typically made from vinyl material they are a versatile, durable, reusable and cost-effective material choice for both indoor and outdoor event banners and signage applications.

The durability and vivid colours of the vinyl banner material make vinyl ideal for outdoor advertising and promotional banners. Before this people used to use paper banners imagine!

The advantages of PVC Banners are:-

  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Customizable
  • Quick to produce
  • Durable and versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Portable
  • Easily maintained
  • Resistant to fading

Did you know we also offer recyclable banner printing using a PVC-free banner material?
Great for those worried about their impact on the environment.

Roller Banner Stands

Probably our next most popular banners are our Roller banners or Pull-up banners. These retractable banners are also known as roll-up banners and are commonly used as internal displays. These pull up banners are commonly used at many a trade show as they are designed to be transportable and lightweight and these banners are easy to set up quickly.

With 7 Pop-up banner sizes available, the choice to be able to have double-sided banner displays is why this type of banner can help!

The advantages of Roller Banners are:-

  • Portability
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Space efficient
  • Professional Appearance
  • Reusable
  • Cost-Effective

Our Fabric Banners or Feather Banners Printing

Our Fabric banners or Feather banners are usually used for various promotional and advertising purposes. These distinctive banners have a feather-like shape, often with a curved or angled top, resembling a feather. The nature of these pole banners with their height and movement in the wind is why these banners can attract the attention of passers-by! We offer our our feather banners with different weights for the bases ensuring that when you use pole banners they are sturdy as no one is going to see your message if it is on the floor!

The advantages of Feather Banners are:-

  • Hi-Visibility
  • Easy to setup
  • Portability
  • Weather resistant
  • Versatility
  • Ideal for outdoor advertising
  • Has movement in the wind

Mesh Banner Printing

Mesh banners are also very popular and due to the weave of a mesh banner material, these banners are perfect as outdoor banners. Their material has small holes allowing the wind to pass through making them great for a whole range of different purposes. They still allow for your creativity to run wild ensuring your message and are commonly used where winds will be an issue.

Mesh banners are an excellent choice for construction sites and many building companies use mesh banners to promote their projects and build awareness.  Using mesh banners makes sense too when you thinking of using a suspended banner on the side of a tall building. As they can withstand stronger wind conditions you can be sure that your message will be seen for as long as you need it too!

The advantages of Mesh Banners are:-

  • Wind resistant – so less stress on structures
  • Durable and versatile
  • Low Maintenance
  • Resistant to flapping

Step and Repeat Banners

These banners are large and are a popular type of backdrop commonly used in events, red-carpet affairs, photo shoots, and promotional activities. Typically seen with a logo that is stepped across and repeated (hence the name). These types of banners are usually made with a lightweight frame and printed fabric material. We know we could have put them in with fabric banners! These are slightly different!

  • High Brand Visibility
  • Easy to setup
  • Portability
  • Versatility
  • Ideal for event sponsorship
  • Easy Set Up

Choosing the Right Banner

No two banners are the same, the banner for you depends on how and where you plan to use them. All of our banners are great at spreading the news and commanding the attention of all who see them if used in the right way. Once you know which banner you plan to use you can use our banner designing tips to ensure get a design that works!

  • If you need a durable, long-lasting outdoor banner, PVC and mesh banners are likely the best options due to their weather-resistance and fade-resistant materials. Vinyl works well for more permanent outdoor signage, while mesh is ideal for events where wind is a factor.
  • For professional, portable indoor displays like trade show booths and retail stores, roller banners are a great choice. Their compact size and retractable design make them easy to transport and set up.
  • Feather/fabric banners are most effective for external advertising and promotional events where you want maximum visibility and impact. Their taller shape and eye-catching movement in the wind help capture attention.
  • Step and repeat banners work best as photo backdrop walls and sponsorship displays at indoor events. Their modular design makes them versatile for creating a “branded” area.
  • Consider your budget – Vinyl and roller banners tend to be more affordable, while feather and mesh banners have a higher cost due to being more specialist materials.
  • Determine size needs – roller banners come in preset widths, while Vinyl can be customized to any size. Feather shapes limit width but have taller heights.
  • Consider reusability – PVC and roller banners are designed for repeated use. Fabric and mesh are more single-event focused.

Why Use Banners for Promoting Your Business?

With a range of different options for our banners, they remain perfect for advertising and promotional purposes. There is always a budget-friendly banner

Banners can be displayed in so many locations and in so many ways! Vinyl or Fabric Banners can be hung everywhere! Many people use hanging banners for advertising at outdoor events due to their durability and weatherproof qualities. Roller banners can be placed inside so many locations to spread your message and information.

All banners can be printed with your design and we wrote an article on how to best design your banner to be seen!

Need Help Printing Banners?

All of our banners are an effective way to advertise your sale, promotion, event banners or whatever it is you wish to advertise. As you will of learnt, we hope – some banners are especially suited for indoors and some for outside! With our high-quality Custom banner printing service, banners remain extremely versatile, durable and affordable.

We'll help you pinpoint the ideal banner type for your advertising needs!

Unleash the potential of printed banners to build brand awareness, showcase promotions, and captivate your audience both indoors and outdoors.
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