Full colour NCR Pads

All of our NCR pads or carbonless forms are printed in full colour and are available in A5 and A4 we produce 2 part pads (Duplicate Pads) or 3 part pads (Triplicate Pads). NCR is suitable for invoices, purchase orders or any other type of carbonless business forms.

NCR Pads
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Do you need a copy of your invoices or delivery notes quickly? Our NCR pads are just what you need.

NCR pads are ideal for hand written invoices, delivery notes or forms when a duplicate or triplicated copy is needed. Individual sheets are glued in to sets. These sets remain as individuals, to be filled out and then the sheets separated to use as you wish. These are a great timesaving product ensuring that you can focus more on servicing your customers with the products or services that they require.

Getting your design right for your NCR form printing or duplicate/triplicate invoice pads is a priority - a poor design will make look like you are not serious about your company. Whilst most of the time designs of these forms can be simple in nature we have dealt with many clients who needed NCR pads to save them time with collecting a large amount of data. Design the corrected structured layout in way that adds to the efficiency of these pads is something that is best kept at the forefront of the design process.

So what does NCR mean we here you say?

A  few years ago the only way to get an exact copy of a document quickly was to write on ordinary paper with a sheet of carbon paper underneath. The pressure applied to the top ordinary sheet caused the carbon to be imprinted onto the sheet below it so that an exact copy was instantly made. Carbon paper was expensive and the process time consuming and fiddly until paper manufacturers invented a special paper which did the same job as carbon paper called “No Carbon Required” or NCR for short.

Whichever sized ncr pad you choose you can rest assured that the team at Print Stafford will ensure that it is printed to a high standard with your chosen options. We check your artwork and send a proof prior to printing ensuring you get the print product you want to our high standards.