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Great guide on how to make your Leaflet Design stand out

Great Guide on How to Make Your Leaflet Design Stand Out?

Leaflets or flyers are perfect for getting your message across, one that might be time critical such as a product offer or branch opening.
Table of Contents

Flyer or Leaflet Design Basics

Leaflet design, tips to get the job done right. Getting marketing materials printed continues to be a valuable trusted investment. Leaflets and flyers are perfect for getting your message across, one that might be time critical such as a product offer or branch opening. No matter if your leaflets or flyers are for distribution at trade shows, through direct mail or in-store, they all need to follow the same basic principles. Here is our great guide for getting it right.

Grab Their Attention.

You want your leaflet design to grab your customers’ attention, potentially from a distance. The overall design, brand, colours, images and graphics need to be bold and capture the message you are trying to get across. Just like we utilised the image above to catch your attention.

Solve Their Problem!

With any product or service, you are aiming to solve your client’s needs and wants. Make it clear within the leaflet design, what you are offering. This will help the customer, like saying ‘Clean the moss from your drive fast” rather than ‘250bar high power Pressure Washer’.

Customers are more likely to relate to the first example and imagine how they can use your product or service. You could then list the main features in plain English, avoiding technical jargon, that may confuse them.

Get Straight to the Point.

Do your best to get your message across in as few words as possible, within your flyer or leaflet design.

Make use of bullet points and short sentences as much as you can, to summarise your message. This will make the Flyer or Leaflets easier to scan through and will leave you with something to say when the customer gets in touch. Ensure that you check the details such as dates, offer exclusions and prices to avoid reprinting or customer service issues.


Be Friendly to Your Customers.

The tone you use within your leaflet design will vary depending on your businesses industry. However it is likely that you will have a natural voice that reflects your target customer.

Be friendly and informal so that your business sounds approachable, especially if you are looking to attract new customers with a direct mail campaign.

Use an Effective Call to Action!

Ask your potential customers to do something! You may want them to come to your shop on a specific day or time, you may want them to register online or call you to book, get a quote or just buy something. But you probably want them to react to the Flyer in some way so do not forget to include what it is you want them to do next.

Always include your contact details, even if this is not the intended action, as some people may not be able to attend or buy now and will want more details. Providing these details within the leaflet design is a great reason many people keep Leaflets to hand for when they might need that product or service.

When you bear all this in mind and you have settled on the size and type of leaflet you are going to produce you can download blank templates from our template library and begin the design knowing that everything is set up correctly.

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