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Calendars and Wall Planners

Created entirely bespoke to your business, our custom calendars and wall planners will ensure your brand name and logo remains at the front of everyone’s mind for 365 days of the year.

Almost everyone still relies on calendars to keep themselves organised so take advantage of this and gift a custom printed calendar or wall planner to your customers, clients, friends, colleagues and business associates and get your brand message seen in households everywhere.

Calendar and Wall Planner printing in Staffordshire

Handing out promotional items is one thing but offering potential and existing customers something they will actually use is effective on a whole new level. Everybody uses calendars and wall planners, whether it’s in an office for recording staff holidays or in the home for counting down the days until a birthday.

They are discrete and purposely designed to be looked at day after day, making them the ultimate place for you to put your brand message! The longer your business is recognised, the more likely a customer is to use you or recommend you to a friend.

Our branded calendars and wall planners also make fantastic gifts for clients. You can include them as a thank you with customer’s orders, gift them out to clients that visit your premise or use them as first introductions to potential customers at trade shows and events.

Gifts like this are always remembered and can help establish a rapport between yourself and your customer, who on receiving and using your printed wall calendar or planner is much more likely to return to you for more business.

The benefits of branded Calendars and Wall Planners

Every business should reap the rewards of using custom printed calendars and wall planners. They are not only incredibly easy to design, but they are essential in maintaining a consistent brand message and keeping your business at the forefront of your customers minds. Since they are useful to customers, your brand name and logo is likely to be noticed on a daily basis unlike a leaflet or flyer that eventually gets tossed into the bin or a drawer.

Branded calendars and wall planners can also be completely personalised to your exact specifications. As well as including your brand name, logo and contact details for easy exposure, you can include details about your services and products or even quotes or remarks that reflect the personality of your business so your customers can feel like they know and understand you better. Personalised calendars and wall planners also make nice and thoughtful gifts, a gesture guaranteed to be appreciated by anyone who receives them.

Many businesses also choose to use personalised wall calendars as the centrepiece to customer competitions. By hosting a competition in which your customers can send images to appear on your calendar, you can help establish a fantastic client community and generate new interest with new customers. Customers that win are also much more likely to gift out your calendars to others they know, thus expanding your brand exposure further.

Printed Wall Calendar and planner size options

No matter what wall space you wish to fill or how much impact you want to make, we offer our wall calendars and planner printing in a wide selection of sizes. Our wall calendars are available in A3, A4, A5 or 210mm square sizes making them perfect for smaller spaces and can be ordered in either horizontal or landscape orientation. Our printed wall planners come in three larger sizes of A0, A1 and A2.

Printed Wall Calendar and Planner stock & finishing options

We print all our custom wall calendars and wall planners on high quality stock for a professional finish that reflects the quality of your brand. Our wall calendars can be printed on a choice of 150gsm silk stock, 160gsm uncoated stock or 250gsm silk stock while our wall planners are printed on 250gsm silk stock as standard. If you’d prefer to have your branded calendars and planners printed on a different type of stock, get in touch and we will see what we can do!