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Why Business Cards are important

Giving and receiving business cards is a critical tool when networking. Remembering someone’s information when meeting so many new people at a trade show or conference can be hard. Thats why Business Cards still matter.

business cards are important
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Business Cards are important and here are 3 reasons why!

Business Cards are important because all business interactions have an element of the personal in them, the business card makes a better handshake than swapping electronic details by text or email when you meet someone.

Don’t spend valuable ‘face’ time hunched over your phone – engage in eye contact, have a real conversation, give them your business card and take one of theirs.

While most of the worlds business interactions and transactions today are digital – whether it’s email, conference calls or even networking – the humble business card still has a vital part to play. Business Cards are important because when they ask for your contact information and suddenly, you awkwardly stumble reaching for your pockets checking for a pen to scribble your information down on the closest napkin.

Not only do you appear unprofessional and unorganized, you may have very likely just lost a prime business opportunity.

Strengthen your brand image

People still do business with people, for all the connectivity and ease of use of digital communications. We still choose to work with individuals and organisations that have made a good impression on us, and your business card is part of your personality and brand image. It is something that represents you, and it will continue to work for you long after that first meeting with a new contact.

A business card tells people you’re serious about what you do – whether you’re an artist, band leader, banker or electrican or plumber. You’ve taken yourself seriously enough to want to pass on your details and you believe that people will take you seriously enough to want to keep those details to hand. It all goes back to those first impressions, and it really counts.

It’s one of the reasons business cards are important.

Your business card investment

Last but not least is the fact that we all tend to resort to the quick, easy solution when we have a need or a problem. So if your central heating breaks down, rather than scroll through endless listings on yell or another directory, if you’ve met a heating engineer who seemed reliable and personable, and you’ve got their business card to hand, you’re likely to cut short any searches and just give them a call.

Which brings us to the subject of design.

Ideally, your card should reflect your calling, so if you’re an accountant or business consultant, you may want to keep it clean and clear, with a simple logo and your contact details in a straightforward font. But there’s no reason why straightforward should be boring. In fact, whatever you do, there’s no harm in getting a little design help to ensure your business card stands out from the crowd.

If you’re running low on business cards, or perhaps you want to rethink your image and need a little help with design, we’d love to help.