Our paper choices and their common uses

Here at Print Stafford, we print on to many types of paper, each has their own properties and suitable uses. We aim to provide you with as more information as possible so that you can make and informed decision as to which paper choice is best for you.

Lets go through our most common paper choices available

Throughout our site we offer most of our printed products on to 3 types of paper. Below we will try and highlight some of there most common uses.

Gloss Stock

When we started years ago, gloss leaflets were all the rage and probably the most popular type of leaflets. Thats not to say that this type of paper is still not popular, it is, just with certain industries. Most takeaway menus today will still be printed on this paper choice as its has a shiny coating which reflects light ensuring the pictures of the food appear more vividly. The shiny nature of the paper though can make it awkward to read the text on the paper!

Silk Stock

Silk paper is a coated paper like the gloss paper mentioned above. This paper choice has a slight coating that allows for the perfect print production. It feels great in the hands too, due to the smoother finish, this is the most popular paper stock that we print, and a wide range of our products are printed on to this!

Including posters, leaflets and brochures and more!

Uncoated Stock

Uncoated stock unlike gloss and silk does not have an additional coating. This is paper choice is typically what you would buy from any stationey outlet when looking for print paper at home. We offer this paper choice as it offers a better properties when being written on. The natural fibres of the uncoated paper stock ensure that it can be written on easily.

How we measure the thickness.

Paper thickness is measured in gsm, which is a standard method across the print industry. GSM is an abbreviation for Grams per Square Metre. So basically if you imagine a 1 metre square sized piece of paper stock the GSM number can give you an idea of the thickness of the paper stock. Typically the bigger the number the thicker the stock.

Throughout our site we offer paper printed on to our thinnest stock 90gsm to 450gsm.

Lets break it down into relatable sections.

90gsm – 120gsm is usually a paper choice that you could pick up in packs from any office or stationery outlet. Suitable for all household printers and is probably the most we would all recognise when it comes to thickness. Many business choose to print their letterheads and correspondance letters on to this stock, we offer our letterheads on to 90gsm, 120gsm and 160gsm stocks for this reason. Our 160gsm stock is perfect for that high end Letterhead campaign whilst our 90gsm uncoated stock provdes an entry level option. Most of our clients choose to go for our mid range 120gsm uncoated!!

There is and will always be a bit of overlap with paper thickness and there uses, for example the next gsm bracket, 130gsm to 170gsm is a littler thicker than that the typical paper you would buy, perfect for a wide range of uses including most leaflet and brochure printing.

170gsm to 300gsm could be seen as the more premium end of our paper weight end, perfect for leaflets or flyers where a thicker and weightier stock is required. This level of stock also lends itself to being the perfect range of papers for covering brochures or stapled booklets.

300gsm to 450gsm stock, are essentially card stocks, our business cards are printed as standard to our 450gsm stock in most cases due to the fact that it is a nice and sturdy paper and with lamination options as well this ensures the longevity of your cards. Our postcards are printed onto 350gsm stock for the same reason, we also see many companies looking to convey that luxurious image of a high quality service or product choosing to use thicker stocked leaflets in many of their leaflet and flyer campaigns.