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Our Response to COVID-19

A lot has changed since we last posted; the world has changed into an almost entirely new place as the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to change all our lives.

Our Response to Covid-19

But unlike the coronavirus or covid-19, we are going nowhere! We wanted to reassure you that we are still here and open as usual for all your design, print and web design needs. As always, we wanted to continue to support and assist all of our amazing customers by answering some of your questions about what we are doing during the pandemic.

Table of Contents

How have we adapted to the Covid-19 crisis?

As a small family owned business, we have adapted to the Covid-19 crisis in the same way as everyone else. We have kept ourselves as isolated as possible while still ensuring our quality of production remains the same. We are keeping in contact with our clients from the safety of our own homes while our production team has implemented some essential new safety regulations to ensure the health of our employees. We are determined to keep the printing industry going, so remember whatever your printing need is, we are here to facilitate it.

Why we didn’t issue a statement

You’re probably wondering why, after being in lockdown for over five weeks, are we only now releasing a response and statement on the coronavirus? The truth is we didn’t want our customers to feel overwhelmed with more of the same copy and paste messages every other business was sending out. With that being said, we still understand how important it is for us to communicate and reassure you on how and what we are doing to mitigate the impact of covid-19 on our own business and customers.

So instead, we took it upon ourselves to act a little differently to everyone else and do what felt best for us and our clients. We contacted all of our web design and hosting customers to offer support with adapting their sites so that they can continue to work during the outbreak. We have also created new portals, learning platforms, graphics and more completely free of charge for our clients. As you can expect, this has created a lot more work for us, but it was something we wanted to do to show our customers that we are still here, offering support in the best way that we can.

We have also implemented some new payment plans for our annual renewal customers, moving them to a monthly plan or offering payment breaks where needed. This has also been rolled out to our hosting only clients and to our agency partners who host with us.

For our print customers, we are are carrying on as normalor whatever the new normal is. We are still printing leaflets and business cards and all of our other print products. We are also looking at new print products that might become standard throughout the Covid-19 out break.

For the most part, normal operating procedures continue and just like the rest of you, we are making sure we are more aware of our surroundings and the people we spend our time with. We genuinely believe we can all take a lot of value from the situation by taking stock, learning to adapt and strengthening our positions in the market.

Taking advantage of the situation

While you have time, take a moment and reanalyse your business. Think about new products and services you want to add, even if they might not be applicable right now with the social distancing measures in place. By planning these ideas in advance, you have more chance to get ahead of everyone else. It’s also worth taking note of your current services and asking yourself if they add value to your company. If some of your products and services have become more hassle than they are worth, now is the perfect time to set aside these oversights.

Get a little introspective and recognise where you were, how far you have come and where you want to go. Appreciate the things that worked and the things that didn’t and use this to further yourself for the future. Taking some downtime and making memories with your family is always a great way of gaining better perspective on your business and reminding you why you started it in the first place. Taking time away from work is beneficial; it helps us re-energise our bodies and minds and readies us for greater creativity. The more creative we become, the more we enjoy our work.

So, make the most of the situation while you can and remember things will go back to normal soon. Until then, know that all of us at Print Stafford are here to help. Whether it’s a friendly chat over the phone or solving all your printing, design and web development needs, we are here to help you in every way possible.