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Lamination in printing

Lamination in Printing

If you’re looking to make a great impression with your print! You should definitely consider lamination.

What is GSM

What is GSM in printing?

The type of the paper you use for your business card, leaflet or stationery will ultimately reflect your business.

paper sizes for printing

Paper sizes for printing

Paper sizes is a hot topic in the printing world and when it comes to deciding on which paper size to use for printing, it’s

Digital vs Litho

Digital vs Litho Printing

In the print world, there are two main types of printing: digital and litho. Here we discuss the pros and cons as we put digital

Whats is Dots Per Inch

What is Dots Per Inch or DPI?

Dots per inch or DPI as it is sometimes referred is a term or phrase that is often used when dealing with any artwork, whether it be for print or web.